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Dental Braces (Orthodontics)

Dental Braces (Orthodontics)

Orthodontics or in simpler words, braces, are the prosthetic devices that use wires to align the uneven, crooked, proclined teeth and to close the gaps between the teeth. It corrects the over- or under-bites. Orthodontic treatment can be provided at any age – from the very young age of seven years to the adult stage, orthodontics help each and every age person to straighten their teeth.

Mal alignment of teeth can pose difficulty in chewing or cause wearing down of teeth. This may lead to pain in jaws.

Crooked teeth or crowded teeth makes proper brushing difficult and also cause food lodgment. Making them prone to Dental cavities and gum diseases leading to even loss of teeth and bines loss in the long run.

Hence orthodontic treatment is not only important for cosmetic purpose but also for proper Functioning.

It not only makes one gain confidence but it also improves their personal appearance and self esteem.

It aids in improving the condition of your teeth and gums, thus making them stronger than before.

It strengthens the gums and makes your teeth last for long. Crooked teeth and a bad bite can contribute to gum and bone loss.

Cosmetic corrections helps to gain confidence but it also improves their personal appearance and self esteem.

At Aesthetic Clinic, we provide the customers with a variety of choice – from clear to lingual to sequential plastic aligners, whatever suits their needs.

  • Metal Braces – Most affordable and traditional method for straightening of teeth.
  • Ceramic Braces – For those who hate metal been shown on their teeth, for them we have options of Ceramic braces, making the look more cosmetic.
  • CLEAR BRACES / Crystal BRACES – These are Mono Crystalline Ceramic Braces which are the Latest and the finest Braces. They give excellent results and optimal aesthetics during the Orthodontic treatment. They are one of the options preferred by the Adults
  • LINGUAL BRACES / INVISBLE BRACES – An advancement in Orthodontic treatment. These braces are placed on the inside surface of the teeth making the completely invisible. Most suited for Adult Orthodontic treatment as they are invisible to Public Eye.We also offer the Superior type of Invisible Braces – INCOGNITO TM
  • CLEAR ALIGNERS / INVISALIGN TM – Aligners Are transparent custom made trays that are used to correct the misalignment of teeth.


They are a revolution in Orthodontic treatment as they don’t require the use of brackets or wires yet give you a Smile you always dreamed of.

We offer all type of aligners like CLEAR PATH , K LINE and the state of the art INVISALIGN.

Aesthetics Smiles Orthodontic Team has CERTIFIED INCOGNITO and INVISALIGN ORTHODONTIST giving you the Best for your Teeth.

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