All on 6 / All on 8 Dental Implants

To put in simple words, All – on dental implants is a dental treatment used for full mouth reconstruction to give you fixed teeth.
  • The main difference is ALL ON 4/ ALL ON 6 / ALL ON 8 is the no of dental implants the will be used in the upper and lower jaw to give you full mouth reconstruction.
  • ALL ON 6 dental implants treatment is quite an ideal case for full mouth reconstruction.
  • Though they say more the merrier, ALL ON 8 Dental Implants are the maximum amount of Dental Implants for full mouth reconstruction.
  • Another advantage of using an All ON 6 / ALL ON 8 Dental Implants is the no of teeth you can get are 28, almost close the natural dentition/ teeth.
  • Also in such situations we can use zirconium as a final material for the dental crowns.

Are you a candidate for All on 6/8 Dental Implants?

This treatment concept is best suited for patients

  • who have lost all the teeth
  • are about to lose their teeth due to caries or gum disease.
  • wearing dentures which are I’ll fitting or not able to chew properly
  • have been refused implants due to insufficient jaw bone
  • can not afford the additional cost of bone grafting , sinus lifts or nerve repositioning.

All On 6/8 Procedure

Pre operative assessments

A through clinical examination, xrays and 3 D scans are done for the planning of tooth implants. Couple of photographs and videos are also take that help in planning of the new teeth , so that they look natural and customised for every individual.

Day 1

  • Tooth implants are placed in the jawbones under local Anesthesia.
  • Incase few natural teeth are present , we remove them at the same time of tooth implantation, not only saving time and also the need of an additional surgery.
  • The tooth implantation procedure takes on average 2 hrs per jaw.
  • Once the placement of full mouth dental implants is over, the measurements for the new teeth is taken in the same sitting.

Day 2

A few more measurements are taken to check the fit of the new tooth implant bridge and all the necessary alterations are done.

Day 3

The final new tooth implant bridge is screwed on to the full mouth dental Implants, completing you fixed teeth replacement within 72hrs.
The bite adjustments are made and your new smile is ready.


You can start eating from the day you get your new teeth, thought we recommend soft diet for 2 weeks.
Initial gum and soft tissue healing happens within days.
The complete tooth implant to bone healing ( known as osteointegration ) actually takes 6-8 weeks minimum.
Hence , in most cases the initial teeth of the implant bridge are made of Acrylic or Resin material which is a softer material so that the load on the new tooth implants is minimum.
These new tooth implant bridges, aesthetically look and function quite like Ceramic or Porcelain Teeth and can go on for years without giving any problems.
If you want to change your the implants teeth to Cermaic / porcelain / Zirconia, it’s recommend to do so min.after 3 months.

Cost of
Dental Implants in India

  • The average of cost of All on 6/8 – full mouth dental Implants.
  • The total cost of dental implants with the all on 6/8 procedure will depend upon the complexities of your jaw bones and the type of teeth you choose.
  • With increasing popularity use of dental implants in India, Dr Ritika Arora , one of the best dental implant surgeon in mumbai , is regularly using this technique to treat patients needing Full mouth dental implants.
  • To know if you a candidate for all on 6/8 dental implants and to know more about dental implant cost in Mumbai.

To know more what’s the best option for your full mouth reconstruction, book an appointment with one of the best dental implant surgeons in mumbai Dr Ritika Arora +91 9619955929

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Dental Implants Cases

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