Cost of Dental Implants in India

The average cost of dental implant starts at $350 / Rs 25,000 for a single tooth implant. Full mouth dental implant cost India starts at $4000 USD/ Rs 3,00,000

Single tooth Replacement:

  • Single missing tooth Replacement by dental implant is done in two parts.
    First the titanium tooth root – (tooth implant) with mimics the natural root is put into the jawbones and then followed by a porcelain crown
    Initial analysis
  • Based on the consultation , scan of the jaws and overall diagnosis of the bite, an appropriate dental implant design and size is chosen Stage one surgery
  • The tooth implantation is done into the jaw bone under local anesthesia

Immediate tooth

If the situation of your jaw bone permits then we can fill the gap with a fixed temporary implant tooth on the same day, the temporary tooth will look and function like a natural tooth but is made of acrylic.

Stage 2

After 3 to 6 months, Once the jaw bones and gums have healed it’s time for your permanent implant tooth.

the final impressions /measurements Is sent to the lab then and your final tooth made up of ceramic or Zirconia crowns.

Everyone is unique and so is your smile so the overall cost of use dental implantation cost would vary according to individual needs.

Various factors govern the Dental implants in India :

Dentist / implant surgeon experience :

One of Major factor is ruling the cost of dental implant may depend upon the experience of the dentist. The more experience the dental implant surgeon is in placing the dental implants more they are likely to charge for dental implantation in India. This is because they have invested years in higher education and are able to do dental implantation surgery as well as complex surgeries bone and soft tissue grafting.

The success rate of such dental implantation is definitely higher and if any complications may arise , the experience implant surgeon will be able to handle it , so it’s makes sense to pay a slight higher dental implant cost.

Brand of Dental implants

Dental implants cost in India also depend upon the brand of the implant .There are hundreds of manufacturers of dental implants today. And some of these implant companies have been in the market for a long period of time and have a huge amount of clinical research behind them, so it’s important for you to let your implant dentist choose which is the best dental implant brand suited in your situation.

This is also important so that if any problem arises in the future the components of these dental implants please should be available not only in India but also globally.

We at Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic – awarded as one of the best dental clinic in Mumbai , offer all different types of Brands of dental implants – US , GERMAN , SWISS, KOREAN , ISERALI.

Material of Dental crown

Teeth costs of implants also depends upon on The material of Dental Crown. Tooth implant Crowns can be made of Ceramic / Porcelain or Zirconia.

No of Missing Teeth

Cost of teeth implants in India also depends upon the number of missing teeth. It is not necessary that each tooth would require an dental implantation. For example if three teeth are missing it a row then we could put two dental implants and give a three unit bridge to replace the three missing teeth. Similarly if 4 teeth are missing in a row then maybe we can put 3 dental implants and give a four unit bridge.

Additional procedures:

Sometimes it happens the amount of bone which is available to do dental implantation is not adequate , so in such situations some amount of additional bone grafting may be required. Also sometimes there is in adequate bone in the upper molar regions due the the vicinity of the sinus, in such cases a sinus lift may be required or sometimes if the gum tissue is insufficient then amount of soft tissue grafting may be required.
All these procedures may account for additional cost of dental implants.

Payment options

  • Since the dental implantation procedure is done in two phases, the cost of teeth implants in India can be split over in two phases.
  • 80% of the dental implantation cost is usually paid in the first sitting and the rest balance amount of 20% can be placed in the second sitting.
  • As we are into Dental Tourism , for the connivence of our Overseas Patients, We accept payment in all Currencies, Master / Visa Card payments.
  • For Indian customers we can arrange for local Finance facilities.

So whether you are looking for tooth implants for single missing tooth or multiple missing or full mouth dental implants, book your consultation appointment today with one of the best implant surgeons in Mumbai – Dr. Ritika Arora.

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