Multiple Teeth Implants

Traditionally when you had multiple missing teeth the only option used to be doing Long bridges or use removable dentures.

With the advancement in cosmetic dentistry/implant dentistry, When you have multiple missing teeth the most ideal solution would be to go in for tooth implant bridges.

Traditionally the bridges meant that the neighbouring healthy natural teeth on either side of the missing teeth, would have to be grinded in order to support the missing teeth but now with tooth implantation as an option, we no longer have to do that.

The number of dental implants required to replace multiple missing teeth would depend upon the no of missing teeth as well as the quality of the bone.
For example most of the times if you have three missing teeth you can put in 2 dental implants and give a three unit tooth implant bridge or if you have four missing teeth then three dental implants with a four unit tooth implant bridge connecting all the three implants.

Advantages of
Implant supported bridges Over traditional bridges

  • Dental bridges require a natural tooth for support, implant bridges best suited where there is no natural tooth is present adjacent to the missing teeth.
  • No cutting of natural healthy teeth
  • Prevents any future bone Loss
  • No risky of future decay around the dental bridges

Cost of
Dental Implants in India

  • There are various factors that Govern the cost of dental implants for replacement of multiple missing teeth.
  • missing teeth
  • Quality of the bone for tooth implantation, sometimes in compromised bone quality it is better to have more no. Of dental implants than going for an dental implant supported bridge.
  • Types And brand of Dental Implants
  • Type of material for Dental Implant bridges ( Ceramic or Zirconia)
  • Requirement of additional procedures like bone grafting or sinus lift surgery.
  • Experience of the dental implant surgeon in Mumbai

So whether you are looking for tooth implants for single missing tooth or multiple missing or full mouth dental implants, book your consultation appointment today with one of the best implant surgeons in Mumbai – Dr. Ritika Arora.

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Dental Implants Cases

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Copyright 2020-2021 Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic- Mumbai.. All rights reserved.