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Aesthetic smiles Dental clinic in khar is an award winning dental clinic. Our dental team at Aesthetic smiles carries our procedure at very high standards using state of the art materials and dental equipment.

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Aesthetic smiles dental clinic in Khar is located in the heart of Mumbai city, 5 min away From the famous carter road promenade, 10 min away from the Khar station , and 25 min away from the Mumbai airport.

So whether you have a missing tooth or want to better smile or if you just look for your simple 6 monthly dental check up , book your appointment today with the best dentist in Khar.

We at Aesthetic smile dental clinic in khar , make sure your Dental treatment is pain- free and worry- free.

If you wondering whos the “dentist near me” who provides all kinds of dental treatments including cosmetic dentistry procedures  Hollywood smiles, Porcelain veneers , teeth whitening, missing teeth replacement procedures like dental implants and dental bridges , teeth straightening with traditional braces and Invisalign and painless single sitting root canal treatment, you know where to go now.

Your smile is important to us !!

Book your appointment with Dr Ritika Arora – one of the best dentist in khar

Clients With Reason To Smile
Shubham Gupta

I was embarrassed at my teeth and rarely smiled. I decided to go to Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic for a consultation and scheduled a dental implant treatment. The outcome was nothing less then impressive. My Implants look perfect and now my smile amazing, i really love it. I have had a great experience with Dr. Ritika and her staff. I even got my son for his dental check up and he was also impressed with the care he received. This practice was referred to me by a friend and it did not disappoint. I was and am very pleased with the friendliness of the staff, promptness of service, cleanliness of clinic, and the welcoming and comfortable environment. Highly Recommend Dr. Ritika’s Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic and her as one of the best dentist in town.
Deep South

Recommend this doctor. Best value for money and great door to door pickup service and clean clinic. I had many missing and damaged teeth and received full makeover implants and crowns. My smile and eating function are 1000 percent improved. I saw a bad review here so posting mine to counter that. Choose your own hotel. I stayed at Bawa hotel in Juhu Beach which was amazing. Incredible continental breakfast buffet. I ate at street side cafes no problems bargain price local food. Plenty of street vendors will squeeze fresh fruit drinks for vitamin C boost. Had minor problems after fitting crowns but everything has settled in nicely now. My advice is allow extra time for fitting so you don’t have pressure of airport departure and allows them time to fine tune any issues. India is crazy unique place and you have to embrace the culture, enjoy the ride and let them work.
Gurpreet Anand

personable. I have been looking to try to get implants into my mouth for a while and I didn’t wanna pay a fortune for it. She examined me and explained me the best kind of Dental Implants available here in Mumbai and offered those implants at very reasonable cost. They also have a digital x-ray which blows my mind and where dentistry has come from many years in my past and where it’s at now is tremendously impressive. Read some reviews here which were majorly positive with some people not satisfied. I guess no one is perfect, so we have to give that 1% benefit of doubt. I can just say I am a happy patient here. Highly recommended
Diana More

This is rather a late review. I had to write this but due to COVID outbreak and a tense atmosphere couldn’t write before. I am from New York and visited this dental clinic in Mumbai, India before COVID outbreak. The Review Follows: First class, 5 star experience. The entire staff was so lovely- from the very first call I made to schedule an evaluation appointment, all the way the way through the post-op follow up, I cannot recommend this dental clinic enough. Dr. Ritika, the main Dentist, is highly knowledgeable about the various procedures, billing information, and follow-ups. It was wonderful to have a point of contact leading up to the surgery to discuss details and always be able to get in contact with. Dr. Ritika put me at total ease and was very accommodating throughout the entire process – she listened, was kind, and was able to answer all my questions and did a wonderful job with all the skin grafts. This is THE PLACE to go if you are nervous or hesitant about this type of dental implant surgery, as they do a fantastic job, and have a wonderful, accommodating and kind staff to guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Also the prices of dental implants did not change, which was offered and promised on the email. I have had several experiences with dentists who change their costs after they have called you to India.
Sapna Nagi

I’ve been working with the Skin Doctors and Dental & Facial Rejuvenation Expert Dr. Ritika for about five years now, and I feel like I owe them for so many good things in my life because of the work that they’ve done. My skin looks better now than it did five years ago, and I owe most of it to Dr. Ritika and to the ladies who work at the clinic. These guys are so good, so at the top of the game, and so knowledgeable about what is good for correcting the aging process and my smile designing. I have yet to have a treatment that wasn’t better than I expected with results that made me incredibly happy that I made the effort and the investment in it. I am sure that I will be going to them for the next five years and beyond because they have become a critical part of keeping my skin looking great. I highly recommend them!
Kalyani Kakkar

I recently visited Dr. Ritika of Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic in Khar on 08/09/20 for a routine cleaning appointment. The only clinic I knew which got back to work after the COVID pandemic hit as soon as they could, with all the safety precautions and appropriate equipment. My experience there surpassed my expectations. Although you should expect the entire visit to lengthen by as much as half an hour. That allows time for a patient temperature check, and a one minute mouth rinse with a hydrogen peroxide based rinse before the procedure. The most visible difference was the additional (PPE) worn by everyone involved at the clinic. I felt very safe and secure during my whole visit. The staff are skilled, caring and wonderful to work with. I am now also planning my Teeth Whitening, and other Cosmetic dental treatments from Dr. Ritika.

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