One of the most common treatment in Cosmetic Dentistry is Dental Veneers.
Laminates & Veneer in Mumbai

At Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic in Mumbai , Dental Veneers are often used by cosmetic dentist in Smile Makeovers to correct the imperfection in the smile, or to enhance your existing smile to make it more glamours and flawless.

Dental veneers are custom-made shells of tooth materials that are designed to cover the front portion of teeth to make them appear better and mimic the light reflecting properties of natural teeth.

Dental Veneers for teeth are quite similar to how a false fingernail fits over a nail. These shields are thin and invisible in appearance.

The most common concerns for which our cosmetic dentist uses these Dental Veneers are discolouration of teeth , chipped teeth , minor misalignments, shape and size of the teeth , or gaps between teeth.

The procedure of smile makeover with dental veneers is painless and is one of the simplest procedure of cosmetic dentistry.

Dental Veneers may differ in their colour, shape, size or length as according to the front teeth of a person.

Because the Dental Veneers are very thin and are held in place by a special, strong adhesive, very little preparation of the tooth is needed. Some types of veneers don’t need any preparation at all. Hence they are often called as MINIMAL PREP VENEERS or NO PREP VENEERS.

Get your confidence to smile and laugh without worrying about your teeth. Aesthetic Smiles will fix your teeth in a way that the shine of your teeth lasts long and they stay strong.

Dental Veneers can also be an alternative to orthodontics to fix minor gaps and Misalignment and get instant results.

Types of
Dental Veneers

The dental veneers are either made of tooth colour resin filling material and are bonded over the teeth using a special laser light – these are known as Composite Veneers.

The other material of choice is Porcelain, hence they are also known as ‘porcelain veneers

The dental veneers from our cosmetic dentist at Aesthetic Smiles dental clinic in mumbai , are made of the highest quality of porcelain.

Dental Veneers

Porcelain Veeners are thin sheets of glass ceramic , as thin as a contact lens at times. The biggest advantage of porcelain veneers is our cosmetic dentist can give you a smile makeover in as little as two visits.

Porcelain Veneers , one of the best materials used in cosmetic dentistry as it has very good light reflecting properties. Quite like enamel of our natural teeth , porcelain is translucent, allowing some light to pass than just reflecting, hence matching well to natural teeth.

At Aesthetic Smiles dental clinic in mumbai , our cosmetic dentist works closely with our Lab Ceramist to custom craft these veneers to match shape size form of the surrounding teeth, hence making them virtually indistinguishable from our natural teeth.

The process of
Smile Makeover with Porcelain Veneers

First step is consultation with our cosmetic dentist in mumbai.

After a thorough consultation, our cosmetic dentist will decide if porcelain veneers is the best option for your smile makeover.

Going ahead , they will be a series of photographs and video recordings and also making of moulds of your teeth. The photo graphs and videos will help us in digital Smile design , helping you to see the various options of the shape and size of your teeth. Once a mock up is created , we transfer it on to your existing teeth so that you get a preview of what your smile will look like after the smile makeover. This is like going for a test drive of a car before you buy it.

Once everything is decided, our cosmetic dentist will prepare the teeth for  the porcelain veneers. The Advantage of using porcelain veneers for Smile makeover the natural tooth is cut down to as minimum of 0.3-0.5mm only . A digital scan is done and sent to the laboratory for the making of the veneers. Temporary veneers are placed on to your teeth till the time the permanent veneers get ready .

Our cosmetic dentist works very closely with the lab Ceramist to hand craft each veneer.

In the next visit , usually after 3- days , the porcelain veneers are ready to be bonded on to your teeth.

And you leave our dental clinic with a new beautiful smile makeover.

How long do
Porcelain veneers last ?

At Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic , we use the highest quality of Porcelain Veneers crafted by one of their Ceramist in India , so that they last 10-15 years or even longer.

We use one the best material, famous world wide – E Max veneers by Ivoclar Vivadent , and also offer empress and procera veneers.

To prolong the life of the veneers, you must maintain good oral hygiene and visit your dentist every 6 months.

How much do
Porcelain Veneers cost in Mumbai.

Cost of Porcelain Veneers in India , is dependent upon various factors . It depends upon the no of teeth requiring porcelain veneers, how easy or complex is your Smile Makeover , the quality of porcelain veneers and such more.

Cost of dental veneers in mumbai start at Rs 8,000 per veneer. All our veneers come with warranties. We always discuss the cost of the porcelain veneers at the time of giving you your smile makeover plan.

We at Aesthetic Smiles dental clinic in mumbai , offer financing options as well making , hence if you looking for affordable porcelain veneers treatment in mumbai , book an appointment with us.


Composite Veneers

Composite Veneers are made of resin filling type material. The main advantage of composite Veeners is it doesn’t have to be fabricated in the dental lab , can be done chair side immediately in a single appointment.

These type dental veneers are good for minor corrections and are cost of composite veneers are cheaper than porcelain veneers cost.

The main disadvantage of composite veneers is that are likely to develop stained from certain habits , beverages and food. Also they cannot achieve the same natural look as porcelain veneers.

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    Will Veneers match the shade of my Natural Teeth

    Not all Smile Makeovers with Veneers are the same. It totally depends upon what kind of smile makeover you looking for. If you looking to close the gaps or correct the shape of few teeth , the cosmetic dentist can match it the colour of natural teeth to give a natural look.

    But if you looking for a white Hollywood Smile , you get a bright white smile yet it can look natural.

    Can Veneers be done without tooth reduction

    In quite a few cases , major tooth reduction is not required for placement of Veneers. Yet minimum reduction of as less than 0.3mm is required to give a margin for better bonding of the veneer to the tooth surface.

    It’s like preparing a wall , to put a wall paper.

    Will the veneers give me Natural look versus Fake Look

    Smile makeovers with veneers is like art, you need skilled work.

    You might have seen a lot of people when they smile , you can make out they have fake teeth. This is where best cosmetic dentist plays an important role. Our Cosmetic work with skilled technicians to craft your Veeners of the highest quality , so that match the natural so well that only another dentist can make out.

    How strong are Porcelain Veneers ?

    Porcelain Veneers are thin shells of ceramic ( as thin as 0.3mm) , that doesn’t mean they don’t have the strength. Once bonded on to enamel of the tooth , they become a part of the tooth and are incredibly strong. Hence it’s important to choose the best dentist in mumbai who’s got experience and knowledge about porcelain veneers.

    Can the porcelain veneers be whitened.

    Porcelain veneers are non porous , hence they resistant to staining and cannot be whitened. Once fixed the colour cannot be changed. We recommend you discuss with your cosmetic dentist about the exact colour of Porcelain Veneers you looking for.

    We at Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic, our cosmetic dentist uses a try in paste for the veneers and show you how they are looking before fixing them to your teeth .

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    Clients With Reason To Smile
    Gurbir Singh

    We have come to Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic on several occasions to get work done. My wife has had some fillings and crowns, and I have had several fillings. In each case, the dentist, Dr Ritika Arora, did very good work, was very gentle, and very attentive. I like the family feel of the clinic, and the fact that they treated us like family. The prices were also very reasonable. My father had been to Dr Ritika several months ago, and she did a smile makeover. He is very happy with the results.
    I live in Canada and come to India regularly to visit family and friends. One good thing about Mumbai, is it is actually a nice place to stay. During our time there, waiting for the dental lab to finish things, we had some time on our hands, and found several places to visit. Nearby to the Clinic is the Carter Road and many eating joints and jogging and walking track near the sea. Many budget hotels and guest houses are also in the vicinity. Basically, next time I go to Dr Ritika’s Dental Clinic, if I am coming for more extensive work, I want to plan a little dental vacation, because there are a lot of things to see yet. One of my friend also went to Dr Ritika for a couple of dental implants. He had nothing but good things to say, and thanked me for the referral. I am happy that I can send my family and friends, knowing they will get the same great treatment I got. Always recommend Dr. Ritika’s Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic for your Dental Tourism when this pandemic is over. Stay Safe.
    Asher Fehlberg

    I have no hesitation, in completely recommending Doctor Ritika Arora, and her expert, gifted and professional team, at Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic and Facial Rejuvenation, in Mumbai, India. When I contacted Dr. Ritika, I was in a very bad way. Due to unfortunate circumstances, over half of my 2 weeks in Mumbai, to fix my dental problems, had been wasted. I needed a full mouth reconstruction, including the removal of all of my old teeth, and getting a full mouth of dental implants. This was 16 implants, which normally takes 2 weeks to complete. At the time I believed that the trip to Mumbai, had been a total waste of money, and time, as I only had about 5 days left before my plane trip home was booked. However Doctor Ritika took me on as a patient, worked around the clock, and moved heaven and earth to get the job done. From the moment she took me on, I had no worries, due to her reputation, qualifications, and professional manner. She also has an amazing, talented, friendly team of helpers, who took care of everything for me. She even had her driver pick me up and drop me off, back to my hotel for all appointments. She also organised her driver to take me around to see the beautiful sights of Mumbai. There were many occasions, where she could have been happy with her work. But, at every stage she double, and triple checked the results, to not only complete the work, but to make sure that she achieved perfect results. I am so amazed, and pleased with the results, and everyone who has seen my new teeth, have commented on, how good they look. I also doubt strongly, that you could receive this amount, and quality of dental work cheaper, anywhere in the world. I completely endorse and recommend to anyone, the amazing dental work of Doctor Ritika Arora, and her Aesthetic Smiles clinic in Mumbai.
    Sabrina Khan

    I was looking dental implants for my mother. She’s 64 n wanted to get rid of few teeth n the dentures she was extremely uncomfortable with. Living in mumbai I had lot of options of dentists ,but wanted to choose the best for her. Somehow I found Dr. Ritika on the internet, after reading the reviews n her credentials and seeing her international client base ,decided to go ahead with her. My mother underwent treatment which is know as “all on 4 dental implants”. the treatment was v comfortable for my mom, n the best part she had fixed teeth on the 3 rd post the surgery. Dr. Ritika ‘s team is wonderful , staff is v friendly , a v modern clinic yet v affordable. Highly recommended Dr Ritika if you looking for dental implants treatment in mumbai India.

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