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    Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment
    Painless Root Canal Treatment in Mumbai

    Best way to save natural teeth

    It often happens, we go to the dentist with a simple toothache and what we get to hear is that your tooth needs a root canal treatment. This often makes you jump from the chair as they are many preconceived ideas that root canal treatment is Painful. Most of the patients have second thoughts about getting root canal treatment done, but below are the reasons why root canal treatment is important.

    Why do I need a
    Root Canal Treatment?

    In order to understand why we need a root canal procedure, we need to understand a little more about the tooth structures. Once you understand the structure of the tooth, it becomes easier to understand why a root canal treatment is necessary.

    Every teeth or tooth has 2 parts – the Crown and the Roots.
    The crown is made up of three parts the outermost layer of the tooth is called enamel, then the middle layer is known as the dentine, and in the innermost part of the tooth is called the pulp/pulp chamber. The Roots outermost layer is made of cementum, the middle layer is the Dentine and innermost contains the nerves and blood vessels supplying the pulp chamber.

    Dental decay or a cavity, Starts from the enamel, then spreads to the second layer – dentine and if it is left untreated it spreads into the pulp chambers affecting the nerves and the blood vessels spreading to the roots. In some cases, the infection may lead to abscess or sinus formation as well. This means you require root canal treatment.

    What is
    Root Canal Treatment?

    In root canal treatment, the tooth’s pulp (composed of a nerve and supplies blood within the tooth) is removed from the pulp chamber as well as the roots. Once the infected pulp is removed, the center of the tooth, as well as the roots, is cleaned of all the pus or the remaining infected mucus. Then the roots and pulp chamber are refilled with a filling material. The tooth is sealed in a manner that it doesn’t get infected by the bacteria again.

    Treatment Root canal treatment is done under Local Anesthesia making the treatment painless and you ready to back to your normal activities. Root canal treatment tends to makes the tooth weak hence it is advisable to get the tooth capped with a Crown.

    When Would You
    Need A Root Canal Treatment?

    Are your teeth sensitive to cold water or sweets or hot tea? This means you in trouble. Can you see black holes in your teeth/ broken teeth or your tooth has suffered an injury? Do you see pus discharge or swelling spreading into the gums? All these indications imply that you need a ROOT CANAL Treatment.

    How Many
    Sittings Does The Root Canal Treatment In Mumbai Take?

    Traditionally, the Root canal Procedure used to take 3-4 sittings or sometimes even more. With the advancement in technology like using rotatory root canal treatment instruments and lasers, now 90% of the root canals can be completed in single sittings ranging from 45minutes to one hour or so. But sometimes Root canal treatments may require more than one sitting if there is an abscess or Sinus present.

    Laser Root Canal Treatment in mumbai

    Laser Root canal Treatment

    With advancements in dentistry, laser assisted root canal treatment are gaining more popularity.

    The use of lasers in cleaning and sterilizing the root canals can kill the harmful bacteria upto 10,000 times more effectively. This is due to the high energy and specific characteristics of the laser light used.

    At Aesthetic smiles dental clinics, our root canal specialist routinely does highly assisted laser root canal treatment in teeth that have level of infections.

    Root Canal Treatment
    Cost In Mumbai?

    There are various factors that Govern the cost of root canal treatment such as the number of teeth to be treated, the quality of the teeth, the extent of the decay, the extent of the infection and many more such factors.

    It also depends upon the experience of the dentist in Mumbai, whether it is done by a root canal specialist – Endodontist.

    The Cost of root canal treatment in India may vary in different states but the average cost of single sitting root canal treatment in Mumbai varies between Rs.4000 to Rs.6000 per Tooth done by root canal specialist in Single sitting. Yet we can only give you the exact price after initial consultation and X-rays.

    To know more about root canal cost in Mumbai, book a consultation today at our clinic.

    Frequently asked questions about Root Canal Treatment in Mumbai

    How painful is Root Canal Treatment (RCT)?

    The root canal treatment is an painless procedure. Before starting the procedure , the root canal dentist (Endodontist) will give you local anaesthesia in your mouth , so essentially the only pain is the prick of the needle. The Endodontist will only start the procedure only your tooth is completely numb.

    Will I feel pain after the root canal treatment?

    There are no as such after effects of root canal treatment, though in some cases some patients might experience mild pain lasting from couple of days to a week. This can be easily managed by a simple pain killer.

    What precautions do I need to take after root canal treatment?

    Usually after the root canal treatment, the crown part of the tooth as a temporary filling for about a week.

    Hence , It is advisable to avoid biting on the root canal treated tooth until a permanent filling is done, since the un-restored tooth is suspecting to fracture.

    How long will the Root canal treatment last?

    A well done root canal treatment are highly successful and can last upto a lifetime. It was always advisable to put a dental crown after the root canal treatment, to make sure the tooth doesn’t fracture.

    Also, maintaining a good oral hygiene, regular brushing and flossing , and a six monthly visit to the dentist make the success rate of root canal treatment higher.

    Is there any alternative to root canal treatment?

    If your dentist has suggested you a root canal treatment, that means the only other alternative to root canal treatment is extraction ( removal of the tooth) , which later has to be replaced by an bridge or an dental implant , in order to maintain proper aesthetics, chewing and prevent the natural tooth from shifting. Not only these treatments can be more expensive than a root canal treatment but also require more extensive dental procedures to the neighboring teeth.

    Before & After
    Root Canal Treatment Cases

    If you looking for PAINLESS SINGLE SITTING ROOT CANAL TREATMENTS in India, We at AESTHETIC SMILES we specialize in them which are done by specialized Root canal Dentist – ENDODONTIST. Call Us Now!

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    Clients With Reason To Smile
    Suhani Patel

    Thank god this clinic was open during this pandemic and timings are also flexible. one can visit from 10AM to 7PM. One of the best dental clinic in our Khar – Bandra area of Mumbai. The treatment done for my root canal by Dr. Gaurav along with Dr. Ritika was perfect. I am very happy and would absolutely recommend this clinic for all your dental treatments. And yes all COVID related precaution and guidelines were followed so i felt safe.
    Amit Joshi

    Got a root canal treatment done from Aesthetic Smiles. Dentists are professionals and skilled. Specially Dr. Ritika, she explains everything to the patients. Thanks!
    Tansukh Verma

    Visited Dr Ritika for treatment of chipped tooth for crown and root canal
    Was always conscious of my smile as had front chipped tooth since my teenage days
    As a kid a chipped my tooth while playing cricket and at that time I think dentistry was not so advanced as today. When Dr Ritika checked my teeth She informed my root canal was not proper and to b repeated. I was surprised to know that now root canals can be done in single sitting n the it was completely painless. After which I visited her for the capping of the tooth. My biggest concern was I didn’t want it to look artificial and people to know that Its a artificial tooth. In just 3 visits a had a new tooth which completely matched the neighbouring tooth and no 1 can say I have a artificial tooth.
    Also for a cleanup and few fillings V happy with all dental treatments.
    Sanjeev Dudeja

    I booked an appointment with Dr. Ritika through the clinic Facebook page. I had to get Root Canal Treatment. I was impressed by the clinic’s ambience and the team of doctors were really experience. my treatment was perfect and i am doing great after it. I will recommend this clinic to all.
    Debbie Dixon

    I was recommended by a friend who”s sister had her Dental work plus Botox done by Dr Ritika and was extremely happy, we were also recommended other dentists in India but after doing a lot of research and reading Dr Ritikas qualifications we made the decision that she was the dentist for us. I had 5 Implants plus 3 crowns replaced and my husband had 3 Implants plus root canal, Dr Ritika has Surgeons who assist her and they are experts in their chosen fields She knew I had a fear of going to the dentist and was extremely understanding making sure i was comfortable and could feel no pain, we were both very confident in her hands Dr Ritika went out of her way to make sure our time in India went smoothly, her driver collected us from the hotel taking us to her surgery then dropping us back at the hotel.
    Satyendra thwari

    This is a very good dental clinic in Mumbai. I got my root canal done from here. The doctors are very professional and experienced. I will recommend this dental clinic for all your tooth related problems. very satisfied.

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    peter b
    peter b
    The queen of dentistry that other dentists could fix my implants with brexism.the professional service of the queen and staff are unbelievable after having 3 lots of failed implants but she used her talent to secure my best result.I'm from Australia and they couldn't help.but she shore could.a wealth of knowledge and experience at the fraction of the cost and goes beyond other implant dentists to fulfill your needs,whatever it pain as she blocks the mouth with injections.a caring dentist that I would be happy to recommend to anyone in the world..ceramic dental bridges I smashed due to brexism so I suggested a full upper bridge of polished titanium. Can't break those cellars.what a great job Dr Ritika and I can't say thank you so much to are the queen of dental implants.take care as we are now friends for life.thank you
    Alifya Ally Sulemanji
    Alifya Ally Sulemanji
    Dr Ritika is Excellent at her job! We got dental care for my husband and she did a impressive job. We live in the US and found her contact information on Instagram. She took time and worked on every detailed aspect to give my husband the perfect set of teeth. I highly recommend her.
    Dr Ritika was fantastic from the word go. From my initial telephonic consult to the detail of requirement, following by the consult in her dental studio in Mumbai.Dr was also honest in her reccomdation and commend her for that.The fitting and final fitting was truly professional. I would go back in a heart beat.
    Sagar SS
    Sagar SS
    Best tooth cleaning you can get! Doctor Ritika is amazing, very friendly and a true specialist. All other services are awesome too. Very happy and I recommend without hesitation to anyone.
    Steve Petrovski
    Steve Petrovski
    I’m from Australia & had been considering a smile makeover with dental crowns for some time. In the lead up to finally making a decision, I had a tooth break at the gum line & considering that my remaining teeth were worn down due to grinding, had fillings or went missing over the years - I had to act. After researching quite a number of dentists, I chose Dr Ritika Arora’s Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic mainly due to the reviews that I read which included local and overseas based patients. I have just recently finished the first stages of my smile makeover which included crowns for my existing teeth, 2 extractions & a number of implants for missing teeth. So far so good & I must say that I have been impressed with the way Dr Ritika has carried out the work as well as the work carried out by her consulting specialist doctors. I will be returning in about 5 months time after the first stage of the implants have had time to fuse with the bone. On return, the implants will be finished off with the final crown work. If you are considering any major aesthetic and or dental implant work - I would highly recommend this clinic for the quality of the work & competitiveness of their pricing. Thank you Dr Ritika Arora & I look forward to seeing you in a few months for the final result.
    Ja'Rod Morris
    Ja'Rod Morris
    As someone who has struggled with juvenile periodontitis since the age of 16, I've worked with dentists around the world, and it was refreshing to find a dentist that I was able to work with directly from beginning to end. Dr. Arora was highly professional, thoughtful, and empathetic throughout the process. I had already started the process and had implants in place, and she helped me with six abutments and a total of 26 crowns. I reached out a few weeks before my trip, and she responded immediately. She took the time to talk through my history, and I could speak with her directly, not one of her assistants. She was very transparent and empathetic to my situation. She addressed my concerns about fees and followed through by not making it about money right when I showed up at her office. She paid attention to every detail and was thorough and getting the job done, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to get some solid work done, whether it be implants or cosmetic work.
    Ridham Desai
    Ridham Desai
    Excellent treatment. Professional. Safe. Very good facilities.
    Daman Singh
    Daman Singh
    Dr Ritika, you play an essential part in the up keep of the pearly whites; thereby completing and complimenting the smile. A big thank you full of satisfaction to you and your team.
    Sandeep Mehra
    Sandeep Mehra
    Visited for dental implants Was looking for a good dental clinic in mumbai , found Dr Ritika online and was quite impressed with her credentials and the reviews on google I was struggling with a old broken bridge with missing teeth . On Consultation with Dr Ritika suggested me immediate dental implants. I had 3 teeth extracted and 3 dental implants place on the same day . The procedure was painless though there was some nagging discomfort for a few days later which is quite normal when you have so much dental work done in one sitting After 4 months the dental implants were restored with 4 ceramic crowns. I happy to be back to enjoying my food. Modern clinic , very professional , affordable and the overall experience at Aesthetic smiles dental clinic is good especially for nervous patients like me who tend to neglect dental treatment Highly recommended

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