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Tooth Color Fillings in Mumbai

Tooth color fillings also commonly known as laser fillings / Light cure fillings is a new method in which broken, fractured or decayed teeth are restored into their natural appearance. A mixture of composite resins and porcelains is used to fix the teeth. Restorative dentistry fixes the tooth in a manner that it acts and appears like a natural tooth so you don’t need to worry while chewing.

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    The most commonly used Traditional methods for filling a cavity was using Silver Amalgam.

    We Do offer them still yet limit their use due to unsightly appearance and risk of mercury toxicity.

    As the name suggests AESTHETIC SMILES are primary aim is AESTHETICS with good function.

    So get your Dental Cavities filled with Tooth color fillings only.

    Following are the
    Different methods by which teeth can be repaired:

    Direct fillings – It uses a small amount of material to restore the tooth into its original shape. It is mostly used in the cases of root canal.

    Semi-Direct Fillings – To fill larger areas, semi direct fillings are used. In this procedure the tooth is restored outside the mouth.

    Indirect Fillings – It is used during a complex restoration, basically in the cases where the tooth is replaced with a new tooth or it is crowned with a new tooth.

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    Quality Assurance
    Most Advanced dental technology from USA & Germany.
    We exceed International hospital grade sterilization standards.
    Luxury Experience
    Experience Elite dentistry at our award winning dental office in India.
    Dental Specialists
    We have an outstanding quality team of dental experts at your service.
    In-House Lab
    We have In-house laboratory support for your assistance.
    Personalized Care
    Focused on elimination of root cause of any problem.

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    66 reviews on
    Sean Verma
    Sean Verma
    *Very hygienic *Professional *Honest *She will tell you that you do not need unnecessary treatments *Very skilled *Efficient We will be back to treat with Dr. Arora
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    Lisa Smith
    Lisa Smith
    I am from the US and was living in Africa when I needed some implants done. My global travel service recommended Dr. Ritika and my experience with her was fantastic! After I moved back to the States, I returned to India specifically to have her do more dental work for me. if not for Covid, I would return to India to finish the implant work she started. Both my dentist and oral surgeon here have commented on the high quality of work I received from her. Her clinic is exceptionally clean and her staff are very nice. Dr. Ritika was also very attentive to my travel needs and even sent cars to pick me up for my appointments. Plus, It costs me less to take a 2-week vacation AND get multiple implants than to get just 1 implant on the US! I highly recommend her, and look forward to when I can go back to visit enchanting India.
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    sanjana dsouza
    sanjana dsouza
    Dr Rithika and Kanchan is really great and patient centric.one of the best doctor I have met.highly recommended
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    Pankhi Gupta
    Pankhi Gupta
    Aasish Gupta
    Aasish Gupta
    Nice treatment done Very good doctor My tooth treatment done Best Doctor visit experience very nice go too orthosqure
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    vibha kailaje
    vibha kailaje
    Sumit Chauhan
    Sumit Chauhan
    The team at Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic is fantastic. Every time I go in I look forward to my appointment. Everyone is efficient, highly competent, wonderful, and kind. I recommend Dr. Ritika to people often and can’t say enough great things. Thanks Aesthetic Smiles for making my dental experience a positive and enjoyable one 👍🏻
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    Amrit Kumar
    Amrit Kumar
    review writing is not my forte. so i will not write much about this clinic and dr. ritika but i would like to really recommend this doctor as she treated me of my dental issues in a very caring and professional manner. if you or your family member or any friend needs a dentist in mumbai, you and they all should get her consultation first. blessings...
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    Deep South
    Deep South
    Recommend this doctor. Best value for money and great door to door pickup service and clean clinic. I had many missing and damaged teeth and received full makeover implants and crowns. My smile and eating function are 1000 percent improved. I saw a bad review here so posting mine to counter that. Choose your own hotel. I stayed at Bawa hotel in Juhu Beach which was amazing. Incredible continental breakfast buffet. I ate at street side cafes no problems bargain price local food. Plenty of street vendors will squeeze fresh fruit drinks for vitamin C boost. Had minor problems after fitting crowns but everything has settled in nicely now. My advice is allow extra time for fitting so you don’t have pressure of airport departure and allows them time to fine tune any issues. India is crazy unique place and you have to embrace the culture, enjoy the ride and let them work.
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    World through the LENSES
    World through the LENSES