Dental Implants - The best solution to restore missing teeth

Dental Implants - The best solution to restore missing teeth

Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth and keep you smiling for a lifetime. So whether you are looking for tooth implants for single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth  or full mouth dental implants, book your consultation appointment today with one of the best implant surgeons in Mumbai – Dr. Ritika Arora.

Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth and keep you smiling for a lifetime.

So whether you are looking for tooth implants for single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth or full mouth dental implants, book your consultation appointment today with one of the best implant surgeon in MumbaiDr. Ritika Arora.

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    Single Teeth Implants to
    Full Mouth Reconstruction

    single teeth implants treatment in India

    Single Tooth Implants

    Before the start of Tooth implantation procedure, A comprehensive examination is done.

    Multiple Teeth Implants

    Traditionally when you had multiple missing teeth the only option used to be doing Long bridges or use removable dentures.

    tooth implant cost in mumbai

    Immediate Dental Implants

    Immediate implants are done in cases where the tooth un-restorable and has to undergo extraction..

    All On 4 Dental Implants

    Dr Paulo Malo introduced This revolutionary concept of all on 4 Dental Implants almost 20 years back.

    All On 6/8 Dental Implants

    To put in simple words, All – on dental implants is a dental treatment used for full mouth reconstruction to give you fixed teeth.

    Implant Overdentures

    Implant retained over dentures is one of the most cost-effective solutions to restore your smile as well as your oral functions.

    Zygomatic Implants

    Zygomatic Implants are special kind of Dental Implants that are longer than conventional dental Implants../span>


    Teeth In An Hour/Day

    TEETH IN AN HOUR / TEETH IN A DAY where the patient from having a missing teeth to having a tooth functionally and aesthetic acceptable in an hour.

    Bone Grafting

    Bone grafts are materials which are used to grow the jawbones or repair of the defects in the jawbones.

    What are the parts of a
    Dental Implant :

    • Dental Implant – A cylindrical or tapered post, usually made of titanium( most Biocompatible material ), that serves as a substitute for the natural tooth root placed in jaw bones
    • Abutment – A connector, placed on top of the dental implant, to connect the implant to the crown
    • Crown – A replacement tooth, custom made to mimic your natural teeth.

    What is the procedure for
    Dental Implants

    Usually dental implants are done in 2 stages.

    Stage 1
    • Based on the consultation , xrays and scan of the jaws and overall diagnosis of the bite, an appropriate dental implant design and size is chosen.
    • First the titanium tooth root – (tooth implant) with mimics the natural root is put into the jawbones.
    • The tooth implantation is done into the jaw bone under local anesthesia
    Immediate tooth- teeth in a hour concept

    If the situation of your jaw bone permits then we can fill the gap with a fixed temporary  tooth on the same day, the temporary tooth will look and function like a natural tooth but is made of acrylic.

    Stage 2

    After 3 to 6 months, Once the jaw bones and gums have healed it’s time for your permanent implant tooth.

    The final impressions /measurements Are made and sent to the lab then and the final tooth / crown is made up of ceramic or Zirconia.

    What is the procedure for
    Full mouth Dental Implants

    In some cases , only a few teeth are left or there are no teeth present at all, and the patient is often wearing a traditional denture which is removable prosthesis , not the most comfortable one in aesthetics and chewing.

    Before full mouth dental implants gained popularity, we would have to wait to remove all teeth and wait for 3months to make removable dentures.

    In the procedure for dental implants for full mouth reconstruction , if they are teeth present, all the teeth will be removed and replaced with dental implants in the same visit.

    Once all the dental implants are placed, a measurement is made and you can have fixed teeth with in 72 hrs in both the jaws.

    The no. of dental implants for full mouth reconstruction, will vary upon the type jaw bone quality and many other factors. Such procedures for full mouth dental implants are commonly know as All on 4 dental implants,  All on 6/ or All on 8 dental implants or in severe cases of bone loss of the jaws full mouth reconstruction with Zygomatic Implants and Pytergoid Implants

    Am I Candidate For
    Dental Implants?

    • Dental implants are the treatment of choice for anyone missing one, multiple teeth or no teeth at all which may be lost due to injury, defects, gum disease or decay or any other reason.And if you have insufficient jawbones, then too we the options of dental Implants with Zygomatic Implants and Pytergoid Implants, All On 4 for full mouth dental implants( link to the page )

    What is the Right Age for
    Dental Implants?

    Tooth implantation with Dental implants can be done at any age starting as early 18 years and as old as 75 years too.

    What is the cost of
    Dental implants in India

    Everyone is unique and so is your smile so the overall cost of use dental implantation cost would vary according to individual needs.

    Dentist / implant surgeon experience

    One of Major factor is ruling the cost of dental implant may depend upon the experience of the dentist. The more experience the dental implant surgeon is in placing the dental implants more they are likely to charge for dental implantation in India. This is because they have invested years in higher education and are able to do dental implantation surgery as well as complex surgeries bone and soft tissue grafting.

    The success rate of such dental implantation is definitely higher and if any complications may arise , the experience implant surgeon will be able to handle it , so it’s makes sense to pay a slight higher dental implant cost.

    Brand of Dental implants

    Dental implants cost in India also depend upon the brand of the implant .There are hundreds of manufacturers of dental implants today. And some of these implant companies have been in the market for a long period of time and have a huge amount of clinical research behind them, so it’s important for you to let your implant dentist choose which is the best dental implant brand suited in your situation.

    This is also important so that if any problem arises in the future the components of these dental implants please should be available not only in India but also globally.

    We at Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic – awarded as one of the best dental clinic in Mumbai , offer all different types of Brands of dental implants – US , GERMAN , SWISS, KOREAN , ISERALI.

    Material of Dental crown

    Teeth costs of implants also depends upon on The material of Dental Crown. Tooth implant Crowns can be made of Ceramic / Porcelain or Zirconia.

    No of Missing Teeth

    Cost of teeth implants in India also depends upon the number of missing teeth. It is not necessary that each tooth would require an dental implantation. For example if three teeth are missing it a row then we could put two dental implants and give a three unit bridge to replace the three missing teeth. Similarly if 4 teeth are missing in a row then maybe we can put 3 dental implants and give a four unit bridge.

    Additional procedures

    Sometimes it happens the amount of bone which is available to do dental implantation is not adequate , so in such situations some amount of additional bone grafting may be required. Also sometimes there is in adequate bone in the upper molar regions due the the vicinity of the sinus, in such cases a sinus lift may be required or sometimes if the gum tissue is insufficient then amount of soft tissue grafting may be required.

    All these procedures may account for additional cost of dental implants.

    Are they Payment options for
    Dental Implants in Mumbai ?

    • Since the dental implantation procedure is done in two phases, the cost of teeth implants in India can be split over in two phases.
    • 80% of the dental implantation cost is usually paid in the first sitting and the rest balance amount of 20% can be placed in the second sitting.
    • As we are into Dental Tourism , for the convenience of our Overseas Patients, We accept payment in all Currencies, Master / Visa Card payments.
    • For Indian customers we can arrange for local Finance facilities.

    Before & After
    Dental Implants Cases

    dental implants in mumbai case 1
    dental implants in mumbai case 2
    dental implants in mumbai case 3
    dental implants in mumbai case 4
    dental implants in mumbai case 5
    dental implants in mumbai case 1
    dental implants in mumbai case 2
    dental implants in mumbai case 3
    dental implants in mumbai case 4
    dental implants in mumbai case 5


    What is the Right Age for Dental Implants?

    Tooth implantation with Dental implants can be done at any age starting as early 18 years and as old as 75 years too.

    Why are Dental Implants the best Replacement option for Missing Teeth?
    • Dental implant feels, fits and functions like a natural tooth. Other options for replacement of missing teeth like dentures may interfere with normal everyday activities eating, smiling, and speaking.
    • Dental Implants don’t require the grinding of other natural teeth nor dependent upon their support.
    • With Dental implants eat virtually anything you want, bite naturally, brush your teeth normally and even floss. Other teeth replacement options might be uncomfortable when eating, restrict your food choices, and need to be removed for cleaning and while sleeping.
    • Dental Implants are fix into to the jaw bones, so they save you the embarrassment of teeth falling of while talking smiling or eating which might happen with dentures.

    All brands of Dental Implants in India come in different sizes in terms of height and diameter. They are used depending upon the available bone and the tooth to be replaced.

    Are Dental Implants Safe?

    Use of contemporary dental implants came into almost 30 years back. Hence over the period of time they have proven safe and effective at replacing missing teeth. The success rate with tooth implantation with dental implants is 95%. There is enough research done and published proving their safety and benefits Dental implants are made of titanium that is one of the most biocompatible materials accepted by the body

    The natural bone gets attached /fused to the implant by a process, known as osseointegration, thus making them a stable foundation to support replacement of teeth.

    According to Dr Ritika , one of the best dental implant surgeons in Mumbai , Dental implant surgery is one of the safest and most predictable procedures among all dental treatments.

    Can Dental Implants Fail?

    The most common cause of failure of Dental Implants is infection, which is rare.

    Another cause of failure of dental implants can be improper bite adjustment (position in which the teeth come in contact), which can put pressure on the bone surrounding the implant leading to implant Failure. Other conditions like Teeth grinding / clenching / bruxism can also put load on the dental Implant leading to bone loss and thus failure of the Dental Implant. If these factors are taken into account the chances of Dental Implant failures can be minimised.

    What Are the Complications associated with Dental Implants?

    Possibility Of complications with Dental Implants is rare. In the upper jaws we have the sinuses located above the upper back Teeth (premolars & molars). Sometimes there is a risk of drilling into the sinuses or the nasal cavity while drilling for implant placement. This can be avoided by taken CT scan of the jawbones and proper treatment planning. In the lower jaws, there is nerve running which might get damaged during the drilling procedure or during implant placement. This can cause Numbness or tingling on the lip chin or half side of the tongue. This kind of a situation is usually temporary and heals over a period of time. To avoid such situations a CT scans help in choosing the right length of the dental Implant.

    Do Dental Implants Require Special Care?
    • Dental Implants can be maintained by the use of routine oral hygiene practices like brushing twice daily and flossing, just like we do for Natural teeth.
    • Visit the Dentist every 6 months to ensure the tooth Implantation is in good condition.
    • Avoid chewing on sticky food as this might dislodge the crowns.
    • Quit smoking – smoking can effect the healing as well as the predictability of dental implant as it can weaken the jawbones.

    Smile Gallery

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    Smile Gallery

    Clients With Reason To Smile
    Shubham Gupta

    I was embarrassed at my teeth and rarely smiled. I decided to go to Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic for a consultation and scheduled a dental implant treatment. The outcome was nothing less then impressive. My Implants look perfect and now my smile amazing, i really love it. I have had a great experience with Dr. Ritika and her staff. I even got my son for his dental check up and he was also impressed with the care he received. This practice was referred to me by a friend and it did not disappoint. I was and am very pleased with the friendliness of the staff, promptness of service, cleanliness of clinic, and the welcoming and comfortable environment. Highly Recommend Dr. Ritika’s Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic and her as one of the best dentist in town.
    Gurpreet Anand

    Aesthetic Smiles is Numero Uno. The staff is just tremendous they are wonderful, Dr Ritika Arora is very personable. I have been looking to try to get implants into my mouth for a while and I didn’t wanna pay a fortune for it. She examined me and explained me the best kind of Dental Implants available here in Mumbai and offered those implants at very reasonable cost. They also have a digital x-ray which blows my mind and where dentistry has come from many years in my past and where it’s at now is tremendously impressive. Read some reviews here which were majorly positive with some people not satisfied. I guess no one is perfect, so we have to give that 1% benefit of doubt. I can just say I am a happy patient here. Highly recommended!
    Diana More

    This is rather a late review. I had to write this but due to COVID outbreak and a tense atmosphere couldn’t write before. I am from New York and visited this dental clinic in Mumbai, India before COVID outbreak. The Review Follows: First class, 5 star experience. The entire staff was so lovely- from the very first call I made to schedule an evaluation appointment, all the way the way through the post-op follow up, I cannot recommend this dental clinic enough. Dr. Ritika, the main Dentist, is highly knowledgeable about the various procedures, billing information, and follow-ups. It was wonderful to have a point of contact leading up to the surgery to discuss details and always be able to get in contact with. Dr. Ritika put me at total ease and was very accommodating throughout the entire process – she listened, was kind, and was able to answer all my questions and did a wonderful job with all the skin grafts. This is THE PLACE to go if you are nervous or hesitant about this type of dental implant surgery, as they do a fantastic job, and have a wonderful, accommodating and kind staff to guide you through the entire process from start to finish. Also the prices of dental implants did not change, which was offered and promised on the email. I have had several experiences with dentists who change their costs after they have called you to India.
    Dhanveer Kohli

    I needed dental implants and was searching online for one of the best dental clinics in Bandra for dental implants. the reviews of aesthetic smiles and Dr. Ritika were quite impressive. And tell you what, I am not complaining at all that i made a choice to get my dental implants from this very experienced and dynamic dentist. The clinic also maintained good hygiene standards and all COVID precautions and guidelines also followed here so one should not worry about hygiene. My implant is done right and i will be visiting soon for follow ups and hoping i won’t have any trouble till then. Thanks.
    Gurbir Singh

    We have come to Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic on several occasions to get work done. My wife has had some fillings and crowns, and I have had several fillings. In each case, the dentist, Dr Ritika Arora, did very good work, was very gentle, and very attentive. I like the family feel of the clinic, and the fact that they treated us like family. The prices were also very reasonable. My father had been to Dr Ritika several months ago, and she did a smile makeover. He is very happy with the results.
    I live in Canada and come to India regularly to visit family and friends. One good thing about Mumbai, is it is actually a nice place to stay. During our time there, waiting for the dental lab to finish things, we had some time on our hands, and found several places to visit. Nearby to the Clinic is the Carter Road and many eating joints and jogging and walking track near the sea. Many budget hotels and guest houses are also in the vicinity. Basically, next time I go to Dr Ritika’s Dental Clinic, if I am coming for more extensive work, I want to plan a little dental vacation, because there are a lot of things to see yet. One of my friend also went to Dr Ritika for a couple of dental implants. He had nothing but good things to say, and thanked me for the referral. I am happy that I can send my family and friends, knowing they will get the same great treatment I got. Always recommend Dr. Ritika’s Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic for your Dental Tourism when this pandemic is over. Stay Safe.
    Asher Fehlberg

    I have no hesitation, in completely recommending Doctor Ritika Arora, and her expert, gifted and professional team, at Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic and Facial Rejuvenation, in Mumbai, India. When I contacted Dr. Ritika, I was in a very bad way. Due to unfortunate circumstances, over half of my 2 weeks in Mumbai, to fix my dental problems, had been wasted. I needed a full mouth reconstruction, including the removal of all of my old teeth, and getting a full mouth of dental implants. This was 16 implants, which normally takes 2 weeks to complete. At the time I believed that the trip to Mumbai, had been a total waste of money, and time, as I only had about 5 days left before my plane trip home was booked. However Doctor Ritika took me on as a patient, worked around the clock, and moved heaven and earth to get the job done. From the moment she took me on, I had no worries, due to her reputation, qualifications, and professional manner. She also has an amazing, talented, friendly team of helpers, who took care of everything for me. She even had her driver pick me up and drop me off, back to my hotel for all appointments. She also organised her driver to take me around to see the beautiful sights of Mumbai. There were many occasions, where she could have been happy with her work. But, at every stage she double, and triple checked the results, to not only complete the work, but to make sure that she achieved perfect results. I am so amazed, and pleased with the results, and everyone who has seen my new teeth, have commented on, how good they look. I also doubt strongly, that you could receive this amount, and quality of dental work cheaper, anywhere in the world. I completely endorse and recommend to anyone, the amazing dental work of Doctor Ritika Arora, and her Aesthetic Smiles clinic in Mumbai.
    Sabrina Khan

    I was looking dental implants for my mother. She’s 64 n wanted to get rid of few teeth n the dentures she was extremely uncomfortable with. Living in mumbai I had lot of options of dentists ,but wanted to choose the best for her. Somehow I found Dr. Ritika on the internet, after reading the reviews n her credentials and seeing her international client base ,decided to go ahead with her. My mother underwent treatment which is know as “all on 4 dental implants”. the treatment was v comfortable for my mom, n the best part she had fixed teeth on the 3 rd post the surgery. Dr. Ritika ‘s team is wonderful , staff is v friendly , a v modern clinic yet v affordable. Highly recommended Dr Ritika if you looking for dental implants treatment in mumbai India.

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    peter b
    peter b
    The queen of dentistry that other dentists could fix my implants with brexism.the professional service of the queen and staff are unbelievable after having 3 lots of failed implants but she used her talent to secure my best result.I'm from Australia and they couldn't help.but she shore could.a wealth of knowledge and experience at the fraction of the cost and goes beyond other implant dentists to fulfill your needs,whatever it pain as she blocks the mouth with injections.a caring dentist that I would be happy to recommend to anyone in the world..ceramic dental bridges I smashed due to brexism so I suggested a full upper bridge of polished titanium. Can't break those cellars.what a great job Dr Ritika and I can't say thank you so much to are the queen of dental implants.take care as we are now friends for life.thank you
    Alifya Ally Sulemanji
    Alifya Ally Sulemanji
    Dr Ritika is Excellent at her job! We got dental care for my husband and she did a impressive job. We live in the US and found her contact information on Instagram. She took time and worked on every detailed aspect to give my husband the perfect set of teeth. I highly recommend her.
    Dr Ritika was fantastic from the word go. From my initial telephonic consult to the detail of requirement, following by the consult in her dental studio in Mumbai.Dr was also honest in her reccomdation and commend her for that.The fitting and final fitting was truly professional. I would go back in a heart beat.
    Sagar SS
    Sagar SS
    Best tooth cleaning you can get! Doctor Ritika is amazing, very friendly and a true specialist. All other services are awesome too. Very happy and I recommend without hesitation to anyone.
    Steve Petrovski
    Steve Petrovski
    I’m from Australia & had been considering a smile makeover with dental crowns for some time. In the lead up to finally making a decision, I had a tooth break at the gum line & considering that my remaining teeth were worn down due to grinding, had fillings or went missing over the years - I had to act. After researching quite a number of dentists, I chose Dr Ritika Arora’s Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic mainly due to the reviews that I read which included local and overseas based patients. I have just recently finished the first stages of my smile makeover which included crowns for my existing teeth, 2 extractions & a number of implants for missing teeth. So far so good & I must say that I have been impressed with the way Dr Ritika has carried out the work as well as the work carried out by her consulting specialist doctors. I will be returning in about 5 months time after the first stage of the implants have had time to fuse with the bone. On return, the implants will be finished off with the final crown work. If you are considering any major aesthetic and or dental implant work - I would highly recommend this clinic for the quality of the work & competitiveness of their pricing. Thank you Dr Ritika Arora & I look forward to seeing you in a few months for the final result.
    Ja'Rod Morris
    Ja'Rod Morris
    As someone who has struggled with juvenile periodontitis since the age of 16, I've worked with dentists around the world, and it was refreshing to find a dentist that I was able to work with directly from beginning to end. Dr. Arora was highly professional, thoughtful, and empathetic throughout the process. I had already started the process and had implants in place, and she helped me with six abutments and a total of 26 crowns. I reached out a few weeks before my trip, and she responded immediately. She took the time to talk through my history, and I could speak with her directly, not one of her assistants. She was very transparent and empathetic to my situation. She addressed my concerns about fees and followed through by not making it about money right when I showed up at her office. She paid attention to every detail and was thorough and getting the job done, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to get some solid work done, whether it be implants or cosmetic work.
    Ridham Desai
    Ridham Desai
    Excellent treatment. Professional. Safe. Very good facilities.
    Daman Singh
    Daman Singh
    Dr Ritika, you play an essential part in the up keep of the pearly whites; thereby completing and complimenting the smile. A big thank you full of satisfaction to you and your team.
    Sandeep Mehra
    Sandeep Mehra
    Visited for dental implants Was looking for a good dental clinic in mumbai , found Dr Ritika online and was quite impressed with her credentials and the reviews on google I was struggling with a old broken bridge with missing teeth . On Consultation with Dr Ritika suggested me immediate dental implants. I had 3 teeth extracted and 3 dental implants place on the same day . The procedure was painless though there was some nagging discomfort for a few days later which is quite normal when you have so much dental work done in one sitting After 4 months the dental implants were restored with 4 ceramic crowns. I happy to be back to enjoying my food. Modern clinic , very professional , affordable and the overall experience at Aesthetic smiles dental clinic is good especially for nervous patients like me who tend to neglect dental treatment Highly recommended

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