Wisdom Tooth (Third molar)
Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Mumbai

Wisdom Tooth or third molar is one of the three molars and it is the last tooth in the row to develop. It commonly appears in the early or late twenties.

Since The wisdom teeth arrive late so there is no room as for them to exist

Their uneven alignment can damage the teeth, jawbone or the nerves. It often pains or swells so these are factors too lead to the removal of wisdom teeth.

The extraction of the wisdom tooth depends on case to case. Wisdom tooth removal at times is a minor surgical procedure done under local anesthesia.


In few cases, the whole piece can be taken out in an easy manner but in few cases, the tooth can be attached to the jawbone so the tooth is taken out in pieces till finally it is cleared out.

Once removed, precautions should be taken as directed by the dentist. Softer foods should be consumed and gentle warm water salt mouthwashes should be commenced after 24 hours.

Why It Is Important to Remove Wisdom Tooth

Probably the wisest thing you can do with your wisdom tooth is to get it removed. Because this third set of molars is not much of a source of wisdom anyway; instead, they can be the source of intense pain and discomfort, erupting from your gum and crowding the other teeth. They usually show up between 17 to 25 years of age, and for most people, it requires an X-ray to spot them.

But just because they are not hurting you right now doesn’t mean they will remain this way forever. Except for some lucky people who have enough space for an extra tooth to grow and have a fully erupted or correctly positioned wisdom tooth, for most teenagers and young adults, it grows unnaturally at an angle to other teeth; thus, they can be impacted or stuck in the gum. Worse, in some cases, it can even cause sinus problems, cavities, cysts, jaw misalignment, and so on. So you can take a guess how important it is to get it removed!

Essential Reasons For You to Consider a Wisdom Teeth Removal

Nowadays, oral surgery has become standard practice, almost an initiation rite for young adults. The dentists, too, emphasize extraction at a young age so that it can recover faster and there can be minimal chances of infection and irregular tooth growth in adulthood. But even after knowing all this, some people still contemplate a removal to be not that necessary. So here are some reasons for you that suggest why it is essential to remove your wisdom tooth immediately –

  1. To Avoid Damage to The Neighboring Teeth

Wisdom teeth come at an age when you have lost all of your baby teeth, And your permanent teeth have taken their place. In this situation growth of an extra set of molars can push them from their position, which can further cause overcrowding, bite problems, and insufferable gum pain. Thus you will face difficulty with brushing and flossing, and eventually, it will lead to tooth decay and damaging cavities. If you wait much longer for the treatment, you may need to undergo additional surgeries to straighten the nearby impacted teeth.

  1. To Avoid Jaw Damage

Wisdom teeth erupt through the gums like all other teeth, but if there is not much space left around the other teeth, the impacted wisdom teeth erupt within the jaw, shifting the normal teeth and even the jawbones. As a result, it causes stiffness, hampers regular mouth functions and motions, and even forms cysts around the new teeth. If left untreated, they can meme your jaw hollow and damage the nerves of the healthy teeth.

  1. To Avoid Sinus Issues

Not everyone knows that just like the mouth is connected with the nose, oral problems are also connected to sinus problems. This, the eruption of molars can affect the sinuses- causing pressure, pain, and congestion. It is said that oral health is the indicator of overall health. Thus wisdom teeth removal is essential if you spot an ailment symptoms.

  1. To Avoid Sensitivity and Pain

In most cases, the wisdom teeth grow small and undetected, so you need to pay attention to the slightest toothache or even the slightest throbbing sensation and sensitivity.

Focus on its occurrence and see if you can feel it from the back of the mouth while brushing and eating, and immediately get a consult from your dentist to avoid future problems.

  1. To Avoid Inflammation of Gums

The neighboring teeth and the gum also get greatly affected and suffer because of the impacted wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth, when erupted horizontally, can cause the tissues around the teeth to swell, which will make the teeth harder to clean. The swelling often creates pockets between the teeth, allowing the bacteria to grow and form cavities. On the other hand, if you touch these reddish areas along the gum line, it often feels sore. Thus it prevents proper brushing and flossing, leading to severe cavities and faster tooth decay.


Evaluating the points mentioned above, it is undeniable that wisdom teeth are a total nuisance for your oral health. Although not always necessary, early wisdom tooth removal can help you in many aspects. You have to keep in mind that the more you age, the harder your mouth gets. Thus it can get much more challenging to remove a painful wisdom tooth. So if you spot any problems regarding a wisdom tooth, considering an immediate removal surgery is a must for you, as it will help you prevent some of the after-surgery-problems ranging from severe bleeding and damaged tooth to utter numbness and loss of movement in your jaw, which can either last for a few days or a lifetime.

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peter b
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Alifya Ally Sulemanji
Dr Ritika is Excellent at her job! We got dental care for my husband and she did a impressive job. We live in the US and found her contact information on Instagram. She took time and worked on every detailed aspect to give my husband the perfect set of teeth. I highly recommend her.
Dr Ritika was fantastic from the word go. From my initial telephonic consult to the detail of requirement, following by the consult in her dental studio in Mumbai.Dr was also honest in her reccomdation and commend her for that.The fitting and final fitting was truly professional. I would go back in a heart beat.
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Steve Petrovski
I’m from Australia & had been considering a smile makeover with dental crowns for some time. In the lead up to finally making a decision, I had a tooth break at the gum line & considering that my remaining teeth were worn down due to grinding, had fillings or went missing over the years - I had to act. After researching quite a number of dentists, I chose Dr Ritika Arora’s Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic mainly due to the reviews that I read which included local and overseas based patients. I have just recently finished the first stages of my smile makeover which included crowns for my existing teeth, 2 extractions & a number of implants for missing teeth. So far so good & I must say that I have been impressed with the way Dr Ritika has carried out the work as well as the work carried out by her consulting specialist doctors. I will be returning in about 5 months time after the first stage of the implants have had time to fuse with the bone. On return, the implants will be finished off with the final crown work. If you are considering any major aesthetic and or dental implant work - I would highly recommend this clinic for the quality of the work & competitiveness of their pricing. Thank you Dr Ritika Arora & I look forward to seeing you in a few months for the final result.
Ja'Rod Morris
Ja'Rod Morris
As someone who has struggled with juvenile periodontitis since the age of 16, I've worked with dentists around the world, and it was refreshing to find a dentist that I was able to work with directly from beginning to end. Dr. Arora was highly professional, thoughtful, and empathetic throughout the process. I had already started the process and had implants in place, and she helped me with six abutments and a total of 26 crowns. I reached out a few weeks before my trip, and she responded immediately. She took the time to talk through my history, and I could speak with her directly, not one of her assistants. She was very transparent and empathetic to my situation. She addressed my concerns about fees and followed through by not making it about money right when I showed up at her office. She paid attention to every detail and was thorough and getting the job done, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to get some solid work done, whether it be implants or cosmetic work.
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Ridham Desai
Excellent treatment. Professional. Safe. Very good facilities.
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Daman Singh
Dr Ritika, you play an essential part in the up keep of the pearly whites; thereby completing and complimenting the smile. A big thank you full of satisfaction to you and your team.
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Sandeep Mehra
Visited for dental implants Was looking for a good dental clinic in mumbai , found Dr Ritika online and was quite impressed with her credentials and the reviews on google I was struggling with a old broken bridge with missing teeth . On Consultation with Dr Ritika suggested me immediate dental implants. I had 3 teeth extracted and 3 dental implants place on the same day . The procedure was painless though there was some nagging discomfort for a few days later which is quite normal when you have so much dental work done in one sitting After 4 months the dental implants were restored with 4 ceramic crowns. I happy to be back to enjoying my food. Modern clinic , very professional , affordable and the overall experience at Aesthetic smiles dental clinic is good especially for nervous patients like me who tend to neglect dental treatment Highly recommended

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