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Dimple Creation

Dimple Creation

Aesthetic Smiles India Dimple Creation

Are you a huge fan of Priety Zinta’s dimple ? or Deepika Padukone’s dimple ? Guess what, even you can get a dimple now and can feel pretty. Dimples are basically caused by variations in the muscles known as zygomaticus major. Very rare people in this world have dimples, especially dimples on both the cheeks. There are side cheek dimples, chin dimples and few people have dimples in their cheeks just below eyes which is quite rare. Now a days, men and women are equally demanding this procedure.

In order to create a dimple, a small incision is made inside the cheek and it hardly takes 20 minutes to perform the procedure. It is a safe and subtle procedure with no reversible effects. At Aesthetic Smiles, we offer Temporary as well as Permanent Dimple Creation. So choose the place where you want a dimple and book your appointment right now to avail our special offers.

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