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Root Canal Treatment Cost in India

Root Canal Treatment Cost in India

root canal cost in Mumbai

Getting a root canal treatment is the best solution if you have a decayed or infected tooth where the nerves of the tooth have got affected. And this is where the best dentist in Mumbai comes into play.

How does the root canal treatment in Mumbai work?
Before you know the root canal cost in India, it’s important to know how it all works. In root canal treatment, the pulp and tooth nerve is removed and then the inside of your tooth gets cleaned and then sealed properly. Then you won’t have to worry about any infection again reaching your tooth, which is something you have to take into account as much as you can.
Without the root canal treatment, it’s hard to save the infected tooth. When that happens, the tooth will eventually lead to an abscess and other problems similar to that. Hence Root canal treatments can be very important if you have severe tooth damage and you want to repair that the best way that you can.
Even though nerves seem to be important for a tooth, that’s not always the case. The nerve is just there for sensory purposes. It’s how your tooth will know if there’s any hot or cold sensation. You don’t need that all the time, which is what makes the root canal treatment such an important option.

Why do you need to remove the tooth pulp during the root canal procedure?
The truth is that the pulp or nerve tissue can get damaged and when that happens, the bacteria start to multiply within your pulp chamber. All of that can lead to an abscess, which will end up destroying your tooth from within. You don’t want to have bone loss around the root, drainage problems or swelling. Aesthetic Smiles dental clinic in Mumbai can help you with that and we provide a very professional, comprehensive and dependable service that you can always rely on without any hassle. Our commitment is always to quality and professionalism, and we strive to offer only the best solutions on the market every time.

What is the average root canal cost in India?
After the consultation and necessary Xrays, Dr Ritika Arora will let you know the root canal cost in Mumbai and how complex the procedure needs to be.
The average root canal cost in Mumbai is around Rs.5000, but it can go up to Rs.9000, depending on the complexity of the procedure. It’s not an expensive procedure, so you shouldn’t be worried about the root canal cost in Mumbai that much. Instead, you want to focus on who provides the service and whether they have the expertise and experience to do such a thing.

Our clinic and dentists come with a lot of experience in this field and specialise in painless single sitting root canal treatment, and you can rely on us to help you solve any issues with your tooth in no time!