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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover

We have often been fascinated by TV stars having a white glamorous smile, and it’s a dream for many people to get a smile makeover to have a perfect Hollywood Smile or a Bollywood Smile.

As every individual is different, so is the smile makeover as each of us has a different set of teeth, different smiles, different facial structures, and colors. Many dentists can do a smile makeover in India But the cosmetic dentist at Aesthetic’s Smiles – one of the best dental clinics in India, not only take care of giving you a Hollywood smile that you will love, as well as make sure that in the long run your teeth and gums are healthy, as well as they, function well for years to come.

What is Smile Makeover?

According to our Smile makeover dentist Dr. Ritika Arora ( has been awarded as one of the best in Mumbai ) smile makeover in Mumbai involves three major steps:
1. Consultation
2. Trial or the Test Drive
3. Final Smile


This is the most important step of a smile designing because here the cosmetic dentist needs to understand what do you really expect from your smile, following which we suggest to you what various treatment options you have. At this stage, we would also take some Pre-photos and videos of your smile, evaluate and discuss the smile with you.
We will also show you the various cases done by us having a similar situation so that you have an idea about what will the final result look like. And last but not least we would also give you a ballpark figure for the smile makeover price.

Trail / Test Drive

Once you have decided on what choice of treatment you want to get done our cosmetic dentist will create a mock-up of your smile to give you an idea about how your final smile would look like. We often compare this step to test driving a new car before you decide to buy it so that you get the actual feel of what you in for. The mock-up is then transferred onto your existing teeth and from this, you can actually preview and see how your new smile would look like even before we start the actual treatment. Our cosmetic dentist makes sure that until you are completely happy with the smile makeover we don’t proceed ahead.

Final Smile

Once you’re happy with the test drive we then go ahead and transfer it to your final smile which usually takes around 5-7days. Our cosmetic dentist makes sure that the treatments are completely painless making them one of the best smile makeover dentists in Mumbai. Use of Porcelain veneers is one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry and it’s not only used for a smile makeover in India but worldwide. Porcelain veneers are like thin shells which help in smile makeovers by giving the teeth new shape, size, color.

Other procedures used for smile makeover in India are:

• Laser teeth whitening to take your shade of teeth lighter up to 4-6 shades. (Read more)
• Use of Invisalign Aligners braces or Invisible Braces to straighten crooked teeth. (Read more)
• Dental bonding for minor corrections such as gaps or chipping (Read more)
• Use of Dental Implants to close the gaps caused by missing teeth. (Read more)
• Gum Recontouring, used for correction of a Gummy Smile. (Read more)
• Tooth Color fillings to Replace old Silver Fillings. (Read more)
• Lip Fillers to add the extra touch a glamours smile. (Read more)

Smile Makeover Cost in India

All good things come at a price so does your new smile. The best smile makeover results are by the use of natural-looking Porcelain Veneers. So the smile makeover cost in Mumbai is dependent upon the number of porcelain veneers you would require and whether any additional dental work is required.

To know more about smile designing costs in Mumbai, book your smile consultation appointment today with our best cosmetic dentist Dr. Ritika Arora.