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Paediatric Dental Treatments

Paediatric Dental Treatments

At Aesthetic Smiles, we work with all ages and make sure that we are working in a gentle and effective way.

Prevention is Better Than Cure. So earlier we start to take care of our Teeth the better!

Bi Annual Dental Visits of your child starting from the age of 3 yrs helps to keep the Primary Teeth (Milk Teeth) As well as Erupting Permanent Teeth Healthy.

We offer all types of dental treatment for children like restoration of Decayed teeth to Root canal Treatment of primary teeth ( Pulptomy&Pulpectomy ) and Stainless Steel crowns, Space Maintainers and Habit breaking appliances .We have also introduced special Zirconia Crowns for children as children today are also very conscious of their smile.

We make sure that the child is at ease while a treatment is performed and we also guide them about oral hygiene in a playful manner to maintain their healthy smiles. We have the latest technology and required equipment’s that are useful while performing any dental activity.


Our back teeth – the molars ad premolars have ‘pits’ (small hollows) and ‘fissures’ (grooves) on their biting surfaces.

These pits and Fissures can become deep at times and becoming a hiding place for Bacteria making the teeth prone to Decay.

Whether it is the restoration of the teeth due to various factors like tooth decay etc. or crowns are placed in case a child has lost its primary teeth to curb the space problems in between the teeth, every dental is solved at our clinic.

We also recommend sealants that help in protecting a child’s teeth from decay. Sealants are often applied as soon as the first permanent teeth start to come through, usually between 6 and 7 years of age.

At Aesthetic Smiles, All Dental Treatment for children are carried out by a Specialized Dentist – Pedodontist / Pediatric Dentist offering the best to your Child.


One of the most common ways of preventing tooth decay in children is Fluoride Treatment.

Fluoride prevents the formation of bacteria in the mouth.

Fluoride application is done with the help if cotton swabs or brushes or with help of customized trays.