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Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening


In today’s world , we all love good coffee, good red wines and many such things.
Unfortunately these good things can cause discolouration of teeth.
But we all want White teeth and teeth whitening in mumbai is one of the most frequently asked procedures by the people.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Tooth whitening is a procedure that lightens the colour of your teeth, hence they appear brighter and whiter in colour.
Teeth whitening helps to remove stains and discoloration

The outer most layer of a tooth is called enamel. The colour of a tooth is basically based on enamel and the colour of the dentin under it.
If the enamel is thinner then it allows more of the color of the dentin to show through and if it is smooth, again the colour and reflection of the tooth is affected.

Why do you need Teeth Whitening Services?

The most common factors that lead to yellow or staining of teeth are – tobacco usage, drinking liquids like coffee, cola, tea etc., unhygienic oral practices, some medications and sometimes genetics
Teeth Whitening can handle all these problems.

Teeth whitening Services in India

At AESTHETIC Smiles dental clinic in Mumbai, we offer In Office Teeth whitening as well as Home Whitening / Bleaching.

In Office Teeth Whitening

Office teeth whitening is also know as professional teeth whitening or chair side teeth whitening is one quickest and the most effective way to for teeth whitening.
The procedure involves the use a specialized gel containing Hydrogen Peroxide which is applied over the teeth for 15 -20 min activated by a Special Light and 2 such cycles can whiten your teeth but 4-6 shades lighter.
The concentration of the whitening chemicals is these gels is much higher compare to the home whitening gels hence you see immediate results.
The results of Office teeth whitening last for 9 months to an year depending upon the habits.

Office teeth whitening procedure is quite simple.

  • 1st the dentist will clean you teeth and gums, so as to remove all the plaque and calculus (tartar).
  • This is followed by placement of a protective gel over the gums so that the whitening gel doesn’t harm the gums.
  • The bleaching gel is the applied of the facial surface of the teeth (outer surface of the teeth).
  • The gel is kept in place for 10-15min depending upon the the brands used.
    Some of the gels requires a special bleaching light to activate these gels.
  • 2-3 cycles are done to complete the the teeth Whitening Procedure.
  • Post the removal from of the whitening gel, a fluoride based gel is applied to reduce the tooth sensitivity which happens in some patients post teeth whitening.
  • We also Specialize IN LASER TEETH WHITENING. The advantage of Laser Teeth whitening is the post procedure sensitivity is comparatively less with the use of Lasers.

We are one of few clinics for Teeth Whitening In Bandra that offer a wide variety of international whitening products like Zoom whitening, Pola Office whitening, Opalsence Boost teeth Whitening and many more.

Home Bleach / Home Teeth Whitening

Home Teeth whitening is another method of teeth whitening in India.
Home teeth whitening can be done as stand alone treatment, It is highly recommended for patients who have teeth sensitivity problem or it can be used as maintainance treatment post office whitening.
Studies have shown that the office whitening results last longer if it combined home whitening treatment.

Procedure :

  • Impression of your teeth is taken to make a mould , and then Customized transparent trays are made to fit over the teeth.
  • Special home bleach is given along with these trays. Home teeth whitening gels come in various concentrations.
  • The trays with the gel have to worn for a couple of hours to overnight depending upon the concentration of the home whitening gel being used.
  • The Concentration of the Whitening agent is lesser in Home Bleach than In office whitening gels hence the results might take 2-3 weeks to show.

Teeth Whitening Cost in Mumbai

In office teeth whitening starts at Rs 10,000. Cost of Teeth Whitening in Mumbai depends upon factors like the products used, whether opting for Laser teeth whitening and many more.

Home teeth whitening kits starts at Rs 5000. Cost of home teeth whitening kits depends upon the products used, sometimes concentration of the whitening gel, no of kits required and many such factors.

So if are looking for Teeth whitening in Mumbai, and want to know more , book your appointment today with Dr Ritika Arora, one of the best dentists in Mumbai.

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