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6 Things You Must Know Before Going For Dental Implants

6 Things You Must Know Before Going For Dental Implants

Many patients are satisfied and notice the improvement in their day-to-day life after resorting to dental implants to solve their dental problems. Despite being one of the most requested treatments in dental clinics today, there are still many false myths, fears, and doubts about this treatment.

An implant is a titanium screw that is biocompatible with the human body, and it is inserted into the bone of the mandible or the upper jaw. The restoration is screwed or cemented, either a crown or a denture, restoring the function and aesthetics that have been lost due to the absence of teeth. A well-placed implant does not have any side effects, nor does it generate adverse physical conditions.

Based on the number of questions we frequently receive, we want to raise the six aspects you should know before getting a dental implant:

Does the placement of dental implants hurt?

One of the patients’ main fears is whether they will suffer any pain when having a dental implant. The answer is a NOT; the procedure is performed by applying local anesthesia, and you will only feel some discomfort in the following hours.

Is it a long process?

Today, a dental implant can be had in just one day, thanks to immediate loading implants. The usual thing is that the process is carried out in two or three phases, with an approximate period of 2 or 3 months in total. This is because the dental bone implant’s total integration is necessary to place the final dental crown.

Dental implant process Mumbai

Is it possible that my body rejects the implant?

Laboratories have made significant progress in this regard in recent years, using biocompatible materials for manufacturing implants, which reduces to practically zero the chances of rejection of the tooth.

The material with which most of them are made, titanium, is widely used in the medical field, and it has been shown that the human body accepts it.

Can complications arise from adhering to the bone?

It does not usually happen regularly. Using quality dental implant brands assures us that there are no problems when it comes to osseointegration. In our Dental Clinic in Mumbai, we use TRI dental implants, our swiss supplier, to guarantee the highest quality.


Will it show that I have a dental implant?

Neither does the patient notice it, nor do others see it. Patients who resort to a dental implant forget which teeth are theirs and which one is implanted. The results are so satisfactory that it is not only not noticeable but also provides security and confidence.

Will it show that I have a dental implant

Who can get a dental implant?

In principle, there is no limitation to resort to a dental implant. In general, they can be used in all people with developed teeth, usually from eighteen. Even in cases where the patient has bone problems such as lack of bone, they can undergo the intervention thanks to the new surgical techniques.

Our specialist in Implantology in our dental clinic in Mumbai has outstanding training and performs implant placement with highly advanced techniques, and It is ready to provide you with the best results ever.