How To Take Care Of Your Oral Health During Pregnancy

October 26, 2020by Aesthetic

If you are pregnant, you are probably living one of the most exciting moments of your life. Many emotions and hormonal changes occur in this stage and to your mood and your health.

But well, the most important thing is that you will be a mom! and you carry within you the greatest treasure. Now you need to take care of yourself for two, eat well, exercise, rest and pay attention to your health so that your baby develops healthily. And oral health in pregnant women is of utmost importance for overall health.

Therefore, you must make sure you go to the best dental clinic in Mumbai during your pregnancy to do, at a minimum, a mouth cleaning during your gestation period. Numerous studies show that good oral health prevents premature delivery or low birth weight.

In our cosmetic dental clinic, we want to help you through the following oral health tips for pregnant women and guidance in your pregnancy so that everything goes well.

Firstly, inform your dentist about your pregnancy
Your dentist should know that you will be a mother as soon as possible so he will duly inform you about the next steps to take regarding dental health. The dentist will be in charge of carrying out a complete oral check-up and determining if it is necessary to do something, and the dentist will also explain the dental guidelines for pregnant patients that they must follow in case of any change in your mouth.

Check your mouth every three months
If everything is going well and is not necessary to perform treatments, do not stop attending your routine consultation. You must perform quarterly oral hygiene. Hormonal changes can cause your gums being more vulnerable to plaque since many of the hormones are released through saliva, favouring bacteria’s growth and reducing the effect of the immune system on them. In the beginning, it is not severe, but if not treated correctly with a dentist, it can lead to a bigger problem. Hence you must visit our cosmetic dental clinic periodically.

Beware of periodontal problems
You should not ignore any change in your mouth because, as we have said, even if it is not serious, it can become a problem if it is not treated properly. Gingivitis is one of the common issues that usually appear in the third month of pregnancy. The gums become red and inflamed and carry bacteria that can be harmful hence this sign is an indicator that you need to see our Smile Makeover dentist.

Limit sugary foods to avoid cavities
This indication should not only be taken into account to avoid cavities but also for your health in general. You should limit sweets and snacks outside the five recommended meals a day. The annoying and common nausea also causes changes in the pH of your saliva, causing it to become more acidic and affect the enamel in your teeth, making them more vulnerable to cavities and dental erosion. According to the dental guidelines for pregnant patients, Dentists often recommend fluoride treatments to prevent these problems. Other factors that can influence cavities’ appearance are changes in eating habits during pregnancy, the frequency of meals, and the lack of time to brush teeth after each meal are decisive.

Brush your teeth after every meal
Although it sounds cliché, it is more important than ever that you always keep your mouth clean in your pregnancy. Therefore, our dentist recommends that you brush your teeth and tongue after each meal for at least 3 minutes.

Eat a balanced diet
Taking care of your diet is crucial not only for your oral health as a pregnant woman but for your general health. You need to follow a healthy and balanced diet, with five meals a day would be ideal. Fruits and vegetables are your allies, together with dairy products, and rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, D, and E.

Drink a lot of water
With pregnancy, you likely to suffer from xerostomia or dry mouth. It is normal due to hormonal changes for this abnormality to occur. It would be best if you always have a bottle of water on hand to alleviate it.

Finally, don’t listen to false myths
You have heard many claims about oral health for pregnant women, and the first thing is to know what is and what is not true. For example, no teeth are lost during pregnancy, nor does the baby deplete your body’s calcium stores to form its teeth.

As the best Dental clinic in Mumbai, we recommend you follow our professional dentists’ advice to solve all your questions regarding dental health.

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