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What is Cosmetic Dentistry? Facts & Treatments

What is Cosmetic Dentistry? Facts & Treatments

Whenever we watch TV shows or movies, we notice that the actors or TV presenters always have a perfect smile. And then we asked ourselves, how is it possible to have such beautiful, aligned, and perfect teeth? Is it natural, or do you have the right dentist? Well, not all of us are lucky enough to be born with an ideal smile. Therefore, it is very likely that many of them got a little help from a cosmetic dental clinic.

Cosmetic dentistry is focused precisely on that. That is, it helps us solve some aesthetic issues of the teeth through various dental treatments.

The Facts
Believe it or not, many people are ashamed to smile, or their confidence has been affected because they are not comfortable with the appearance of their teeth. But the good news is that this has a solution; it is repairable. The most crucial goal of the cosmetic dentist is to restore a natural appearance and, at the same time, functional.

It is necessary to visit the best cosmetic dentist as they specialized in this type of treatment. After studying our case in-depth, the cosmetic dentist will recommend the most effective treatments to solve our dental problems. It is imperative to go to specialized cosmetic dental clinics to receive treatments to improve the aesthetic appearance of our teeth.

Some cosmetic dentistry treatments:
The dental treatments used in this branch of dentistry are quite varied and use specific dental cosmetics techniques. Scientific technology is applied to improve dental health, functionality, and oral aesthetics, translating into the improvement of our smile’s beauty.

Some of them are:

Porcelain veneers:
Porcelain Veneers are placed to correct various dental defects, such as the incorrect alignment of the teeth or the staining and staining of the teeth that cannot be removed with teeth whitening. Veneers are small pieces of porcelain that are placed on the teeth, achieving a very natural effect.

Teeth whitening:
Laser teeth whitening is the most widely used at the moment. It consists of placing a tooth whitening gel which is activated by laser light. This dental treatment is quite significant, although it may not be able to remove certain stains. In that case, dental porcelain veneers would be the perfect option.

Orthodontics – Braces / Aligners (Invisalign)
Orthodontics is also considered a cosmetic treatment. This is because it is often used to correct dental alignment problems or misalignments in the oral cavity. For adults, invisible or Invisalign orthodontics is the one they like the most because it consists of using an invisible and removable appliance.

Surgery treatments
Dental surgeries help solve cosmetic problems in some cases. Some examples in which dental surgery can help with aesthetics are cleft lip surgery and dental crowding due to more teeth than necessary (supernumerary teeth).

Dental implant
The dental implant is used to replace those teeth that we lost. The procedure used is the fixation of an artificial root made of titanium into the jawbones onto which a dental crown is placed. The results obtained through this dental cosmetic technique remain natural and are much more difficult to perceive than dentures’ replacements.

There is no doubt that a beautiful, attractive, and healthy smile brings confidence and can even raise your self-esteem and benefit your life in general. Cosmetic Dentists know that your smile means a lot to you, that is why we have specialists and aesthetic treatments that will help you achieve the smile you have always wanted. So what are you waiting for? Let our specialists take care of you.