What is Teeth WHITENING, and WHAT OPTIONS do we have for teeth whitening in Mumbai

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One of the fastest and most effective ways to rejuvenate the appearance of your smile is through teeth whitening. Teeth whitening isa cosmetic dentistry treatment, it is safe, painless, fast, and effective that allows the harmony of the color to be re-establish to the teeth that have lost their shade. It hardly has any side effects such as sensitivity that disappears in a few days and does not alter the tissues that make up the tooth, such as enamel.

What is Teeth WHITENING and WHAT OPTIONS do we have for teeth whitening in Mumbai

These are some of the cases in which your dentist may indicate dental whitening:

  • Brownish-yellowish color due to aging
  • Teeth stained, or darkened by the deposits of dyes from our diet and habits such as tobacco.
  • Moderate tetracycline darkening.
  • Root canal teeth.


Well, first the dentist will do a clinical exam where it will assess the shade of your teeth, it will also investigate the cause of the alteration of the color in his teeth, taking into account harmful habits such as the cigarette or foods in your diet. Based on this analysis, I will recommend the most suitable type of teeth whitening for you, taking into account your needs and expectations.


  • Mixed teeth whitening this combine’s clinic dental whitening with home whitening. It is suggested to reinforce the treatment done in the clinic in more complex cases.
  • The internal teeth whitening: indicated for teeth that have darkened after endodontic ( root canal treatment), and its objective is to restore the hue to a specific tooth. It can only be made on teeth that were treated with endodontic. It is performed in the clinic strictly, and in several sessions, it is painless, and anesthesia is not required.
  • In office teeth whitening: This type of teeth whitening is an advanced, innovative, and professional procedure in which remarkable results are achieved in a session of less than one hour. In the process, the gums are first protected with a special gel. Next, the whitening gel is applied, the results of which can be intensified thanks to the technology activated by a led light.

After bleaching, our teeth whitening dentist will recommend not drinking beverages that contain dyes or foods that can cause staining of the teeth. During this period, the teeth can easily catch the stains that can be caused by food and drinks. Some habits must be stopped for a minimum of 10 days after treatment. For example:

  • Do not smoke or chew tobacco during this period.

The advantages of the teeth whitening in the clinic are that you only need a single session, the session is less than an hour, painless, and techniques does not require taking samples of your teeth, greater control of the technique without depending on the collaboration of the patient.

The disadvantages are that in a single appointment treatment can have limited results that can be improvements with whitening at home, and the color change cannot be measured immediately. Furthermore tooth sensitivity that may disappear after a few days

  • Teeth whitening at home: In this treatment, the patient will first have to go to the dental clinic for the specialist to review the current state of the teeth and explain how to perform the procedure on their own. For this treatment, it is necessary to take molds and make some transparent plastic splints on which the whitening gel is applied.

On average they are used for 15 days, it is necessary to have oral hygiene measures and be disciplined in meeting application schedules.

Advantages: technique Easy to apply, low cost, uses bleaching agents in low concentrations, less aggressive conservative aesthetic treatment. It is over the counter without a prescription

Disadvantages: it’s depending on the collaboration and discipline of the patient, the treatment time is longer, depending on the correct application of the gel.

Well now you are informed, and if you want to impact with a radiant smile by teeth whitening ,remember to choose the right treatment by resorting to the best dentist in mumbai , who helps you achieve the desired results.

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