Root Canal Treatment Cost in India

root canal cost in Mumbai
root canal cost in Mumbai

Getting a root canal treatment is the best solution if you have a decayed or infected tooth where the nerves of the tooth have got affected. And this is where the best dentist in Mumbai comes into play.

How does the root canal treatment in Mumbai work?
Before you know the root canal cost in India, it’s important to know how it all works. In root canal treatment, the pulp and tooth nerve is removed and then the inside of your tooth gets cleaned and then sealed properly. Then you won’t have to worry about any infection again reaching your tooth, which is something you have to take into account as much as you can.
Without the root canal treatment, it’s hard to save the infected tooth. When that happens, the tooth will eventually lead to an abscess and other problems similar to that. Hence Root canal treatments can be very important if you have severe tooth damage and you want to repair that the best way that you can.
Even though nerves seem to be important for a tooth, that’s not always the case. The nerve is just there for sensory purposes. It’s how your tooth will know if there’s any hot or cold sensation. You don’t need that all the time, which is what makes the root canal treatment such an important option.

Why do you need to remove the tooth pulp during the root canal procedure?
The truth is that the pulp or nerve tissue can get damaged and when that happens, the bacteria start to multiply within your pulp chamber. All of that can lead to an abscess, which will end up destroying your tooth from within. You don’t want to have bone loss around the root, drainage problems or swelling. Aesthetic Smiles dental clinic in Mumbai can help you with that and we provide a very professional, comprehensive and dependable service that you can always rely on without any hassle. Our commitment is always to quality and professionalism, and we strive to offer only the best solutions on the market every time.

What is the average root canal cost in India?
After the consultation and necessary Xrays, Dr Ritika Arora will let you know the root canal cost in Mumbai and how complex the procedure needs to be.
The average root canal cost in Mumbai is around Rs.5000, but it can go up to Rs.9000, depending on the complexity of the procedure. It’s not an expensive procedure, so you shouldn’t be worried about the root canal cost in Mumbai that much. Instead, you want to focus on who provides the service and whether they have the expertise and experience to do such a thing.

Our clinic and dentists come with a lot of experience in this field and specialise in painless single sitting root canal treatment, and you can rely on us to help you solve any issues with your tooth in no time!

All On 4 Dental Implants in India

All on 4 dental implants are some of the most innovative solutions in the dental implant industry. This procedure can be performed at a dental clinic in Mumbai under local anaesthesia and it’s an extremely important advancement to restore your aesthetics and function lost due to loss of teeth.

So The main concept is that if you lost all your teeth and you want to replace them with fixed teeth, then the All on 4 dental implants solution really works. It manages to help you bring in the right replacement for your teeth.

Comprehensive procedure

The All on 4 dental implants is a concept where 4 dental implants are placed in each jaw by the dental implant surgeon. This can be done if you all the teeth are already missing or the dental implant surgeon can remove the remaining teeth in the same appointment as placement of dental implants. You will receive the proper sedation in order to ensure that this will not hurt.

After placement of the implants, the measurement for provisional teeth will be taken by the dentist.

The main beauty of this treatment is 24-48 hrs you will receive your provisional set of fixed teeth that will be screwed to the dental implants, restoring the aesthetic and function. Hence it’s imperative to work with the best dentist in Mumbai, as that’s what will give you the value and efficiency you need.

Recovering after the procedure

After the procedure takes place, the dental implant surgeon will prescribe you medications that will take care of all the minor discomfort level. It’s important to note that sometimes bruising can appear after surgery, and it’s normal. It can appear below or above the implant area. This is normal and it disappears in a few weeks. Make sure that you maintain a strong oral hygiene. This involves rinsing, brushing and protecting your gums from any possible problems. According to Dr Ritika Arora, considered as one of the best dental implant surgeon in Mumbai, rinsing with warm salt at least 5 -6 daily not only prevents any swelling but enhances the healing.

Usually within 24-72 hrs, you will receive the fixed provisional teeth, these teeth are made of acrylic and are good to last you for anywhere to 3 months up to even 2 years. It’s recommended not to straight away to go for ceramic teeth as they are heavy and may hamper the implant healing. This is the time when your implants are integrating, so you want to prevent any issues.

Why should you choose our dental clinic in Mumbai?

We are firm believers that the right All on 4 implants are bringing in the stability and wellbeing you need here. We have the best dentist in Mumbai ready for you, and we always bring in front the best and highest quality solutions that you can rely on all the time. Our quality is always the best on the market, and we guarantee that you will not have to worry about any downsides. We also provide outstanding support to all of our patients.

If you need the best All on 4 implants, come to our dental clinic in Mumbai right away. We have the expertise and knowledge you need, all you have to do is to work closely with us and we guarantee that you will have a very good experience every time you work with our team. Just consider it now and avail this great opportunity, it will make a huge difference.

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Dental Implant Treatment In India

Best Dental Implant Surgeon in Mumbai
Best Dental Implant Surgeon in Mumbai

There are many situations when old teeth get damaged and you need to replace them. Either that or they just fall off due to not being very resistant. This is the perfect time to choose dental implants in India. These dental implants will help replace your old teeth, all while offering a vast range of benefits as you will notice below.

Restoring your biting force

One of the main reasons you need full mouth dental implants is because they will help you restore your biting force. If you can’t bite properly, then you won’t be able to masticate your food and digest it adequately. That can lead to stomach problems, and it’s exactly what you want to address as fast as you can. If you choose dental implants in India, they are affordable and they will help prevent bone loss. Instead, they will fully replace your old teeth quickly and you will barely see any difference.

Supporting your adjacent teeth

When you work with the best dental implant surgeon in Mumbai, you will be able to find a solution that supports adjacent teeth. No one likes to have gaps between teeth, so having a system that helps you support your teeth and maintain a great smile is very important. There’s also no need to deal with an embarrassing slippage. Dentures are visible, yet dental implants in India are simpler and a lot more convenient. 

No more cavities and great maintenance

One of the top advantages brought by partial or full mouth dental implants is the fact that you won’t get cavities. Granted, you still need to take good care of your teeth, however, once you protect them, they won’t have to deal with decay since the materials are very strong. Even the maintenance itself is simple, you just have to floss and brush. 

You’ll get to match your natural teeth

The best dental implant surgeon in Mumbai will ensure that your implants will match the color of your natural teeth. This way everything will be uniform and no one will know that you have implants. That really makes a difference, since it will bring more happiness and showcase the true value of such a procedure.

No more speech problems

One of the great things about dental implants in India is that they can help you prevent issues where you don’t speak as well as you once did. Most of the time the lack of teeth will alter your speech. Once you go for dental implants, you will feel the difference.


Don’t hesitate and choose dental implants if you want to restore your dental functions while also protecting your current teeth. Find the best dental implant surgeon in Mumbai and make sure that you choose dental implants as the right way to restore old teeth. It really helps make a huge difference and the results are staggering every time. Whether you need partial or full mouth dental implants, they can help restore your dental functions and make you smile once again!

What Is A Smile Makeover?

smile designing cost in Mumbai
smile designing cost in Mumbai

Smiling is one of the signs of a happy person. While a smile is said to be contagious, having the perfect smile is a dream for many people. A smile makeover is a process of improving your smile. It’s as simple as that. With the best dentists in India, you can get a smile makeover and get the confidence to smile and laugh in public without worrying about the appearance of your smile.

Depending on your current smile, the dentist can opt for one of these procedures for a smile makeover:

  • Invisible braces
  • Tooth implants
  • Dental veneers
  • Composite bonding
  • Teeth whitening

Before any of the above is done or initiated, the smile makeover dentist takes into consideration your facial appearance, teeth type (color, length, width, shape and tooth display), hair color, skin tone, lips, and gum tissue. A smile makeover in Mumbai can be performed for multiple reasons and tailored to your considerations.

The smile makeover dentist in Mumbai takes into consideration what you don’t like about your teeth, what you would love to get rid of and so much more. The smile makeover is done in three major steps:

  1. Consultation
  2. Trial
  3. Final smile

Consultation is one of the most important steps as it determines the outcome of the smile makeover in Mumbai. You have to explain to the smile makeover dentist what you expect from the final smile. The dentist then discusses the entire process with you. There are different treatment options for you to choose from which you understand all about in this step. This is where you learn the smile designing cost in Mumbai for each of the treatment options.

The trial or the test drive phase is also a vital step. It determines if you still want your smile or we go back to the drawing board. Here, the treatment plan adopted is used to help create a mockup of the smile. This gives you an idea of how the final smile looks like. After the makeover is transferred on your teeth, then you can decide to start the actual treatment. The smile makeover dentist has to make sure you are happy with your smile makeover before starting the treatment.

One thing that makes the best smile makeover dentists is ensuring a smooth and painless makeover process. You don’t have to worry about smile designing cost in Mumbai. There are affordable services with some of the best smile makeover dentists available. A brand new smile is all you need. Contact us today and keep smiling.

Do’s and Don’ts for Home Teeth Whitening Treatment in Mumbai

Home teeth whitening can be fun and is one of the sure-shot ways to enhance your smile. It is important to head to the best dentist to make sure this is performed in the best and most desirable way possible. They can also tell you about the dos and don’ts that you need to be aware of so that this procedure moves forward seamlessly. 

Do brush your teeth prior to wearing your silicon / whitening trays with gel

This ensures the gel bleaches your teeth and not the remains of your food stuck in your teeth. See that you remove your trays before brushing your teeth. This works to get rid of excess gel. 

Don’t drink or eat with the teeth whitening trays on

It is important that you refrain from eating or drinking anything when you have the trays on. You cannot even drink water during the whitening session. This is because the water can get into your brace. This can dilute the bleach and make it less effective. 

Do be prepared for sensitivity 

This is particularly true if you have sensitive teeth. Your teeth may ache mildly along with jolts of pain too. This can, however, pass away quickly. If the pain is unbearable, you can always consider taking a day off from wearing the trays so that your teeth get a break.

In-office teeth whiting in Mumbai can be done in a dental clinic once / twice a year. But to have white teeth throughout the year, home whitening can be continued. It depends upon your habits like what you eat, are you a smoker, etc. Let your teeth whitening dentist decide what’s best for you.

Do ensure treatment is performed well in advance 

Whether it is for a party or wedding, see that you perform teeth whitening treatment well in advance usually two to four weeks prior to the main event. 

Don’t put too much gel into your mouthguard

Only a small amount is needed for the treatment to be effective. Too much bleach on your gum line can also prove to be detrimental for your gums. 

Pay attention to these dos and don’ts when going in for home teeth whitening in Mumbai and you are good to go. Above all, see that you place your trust in a qualified and experienced professional to do the job for you.

When Should You Take Your Baby to a Dentist in Mumbai?

Your baby is your pride and every achievement is a badge of honor. Even the first tooth makes your chest burst with pride. Besides visiting the pediatrician, you should also make it a point to visit the dentist. But for many new parents, the question is when should they take their baby to a dentist in Mumbai. If you have the same question, read on to find out the answer.  

With every milestone, your baby accomplishes, you are going to feel a sense of achievement and pride. However, nothing is going to prepare you for the feeling you experience when you take your baby head to a dentist in Mumbai for the very first time. You are sure to feel a sense of triumph that you have made it successfully through this difficult road but you are also going to feel a sense of dread. Above all, you need the answer to the question – when should you take your baby to a dentist? First of all, relax, this is what you need to know.

As soon as the first tooth appears

It can feel like it is a bit too soon but trust us when we say this is important. However, you can also extend it till their first birthday. This is because when your baby gets teeth, the chances that they can develop cavities increases. It is important to be proactive during this time so that you can ensure their smile stays healthy and happy always or at least their dental health begins on a good note. 

Preparation is key

Interact with your child about what is going to happen and keep things positive. Have them practice opening their mouth so that they do a good job at the dentist’s clinic. To ease their mind of worries, let them watch videos or read books. This helps them become more confident and less fretful.

During the visit 

The dentist is going to examine their teeth and ensure that the jaw and teeth are developing properly. The dentist is also going to check for cavities, mouth injuries, and other kinds of issues. After this is done, they clean your child’s teeth as well as let you know about tips that are going to make it easy to look after their mouth in the best way possible. 

It is important to go in for an appointment at a time that best suits your child. Refrain from doing this when it is their nap time as they are bound to get cranky. Also, do not worry too much in case your child wriggles or cries a little during the examination. The dental team knows what they are going into and will make sure that they help your child understand this experience in the best way possible. The sooner you take your child to the dentist, the better it is. There is no need to wait for the first tooth to erupt. 

Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic & Facial Rejuvenation is an award-winning dental clinic in Mumbai. It is renowned for using state-of-the-art dental techniques and procedures to offer dental procedures and treatments to infants, kids, teens, and adults.   

What to Know Before Getting a Smile Makeover in Mumbai?

A visit to the dentist can be due to several reasons; oftentimes, it is due to teeth problems, or regular check-ups to ensure healthy teeth at all times, with proper cleaning at the doctors’. Recent times have seen a steep increase in people visiting the dentists for cosmetic procedures, which can include whitening, and other restorative work for their pearly whites.

Teeth evaluation

Before getting any cosmetic smile makeover in Mumbai done on the teeth, it is crucial to allow the dentists to evaluate the existing conditions of the teeth so that any problems, such as dental plaque and cavities can be taken care of before the cosmetic procedure. Many cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening can be extremely painful with dental cavities and decayed teeth. 

The teeth color

The color of the teeth for the restoration work must match the color of the rest of the teeth; it is one of the primary reasons why dentists prefer to opt for teeth whitening, before moving ahead with the restoration. Veneers, fillings, and crowns cannot be whitened like the natural setting; this is why it is imperative to choose the desired shade of the white that you wish your teeth to be.

The bite

The bite of the teeth depends on the alignment; it can also be due to excessive grinding, which is common with a lot of people. If the teeth are worn down, the dentist may suggest wearing a nightguard to protect the new teeth from the smile makeover in Mumbai from being worn down. 

In extreme cases, the dentists may refer their patients to an orthodontist to assist with the alignment with the aid of braces and Invisalign, so that there is a better bite than before. 


The health of your gums is of utmost importance as it is the main support for your teeth. Healthy gums are crucial for good teeth, and oral hygiene is usually the most common reason for decay and gum diseases. Gum diseases can be brutal and can result in lost and missing teeth. In such cases, it is difficult to choose cosmetic procedures unless one opts for teeth implants, which are for a lifetime.

Healthy gums and teeth are the results of diligent maintenance and regular checkups for cleaning and any other problems which can occur. Typically, a dental visit should be biyearly for well-maintained teeth and more frequently for people suffering from dental complications.

Therefore, before getting a smile makeover in Mumbai, it is crucial to evaluate these factors for the best results and uncomplicated procedures for the best smile.

How Can a Smile Makeover Boost Your Confidence?

Opting for a smile makeover is not difficult, however, several processes must be ascertained, depending on the existing health of your teeth, before implanting the changes that are required for the perfect bright smile.

Dentists will usually evaluate the conditions and check for all the restorative work that needs to be done before the cosmetic procedures. The health of the gums and teeth will decide if there is a need for fillings, composite bonding, veneers, and other procedures to get the perfect smile, and then the dentists are likely to suggest the same before a smile makeover in India


Dental fillings that have been done with the amalgam or silver may need to be changed to composite filling, as they make the filling nearly invisible. Therefore, dentists are likely to suggest this if silver and amalgam have been used.

Composite bonding

Composite bonding has been used for a few decades now, although with upgraded technology nowadays. This procedure I typical for cracked, chipped teeth, or gaps. The procedure will have a type of plastic or resin that bonds to the teeth. The process is simple with the dentist applying a solution, the primer, before applying the resin. There are usually many layers and a special light is used to dry the resin, and then file it down to the desired shape. These procedures are a fast and efficient way to level the irregularities in the teeth for a better smile makeover in India and at other locations. 

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular procedures; although it can be conducted at home with the dental kits, available at the dentists’ or the pharmacy, visiting the dentist for the job will reap the result faster and more efficiently than the kits. Although the chemical used is the same, the products have much lower concentrations than what the dentists use, therefore, taking close to 2 months before any noticeable change.

Porcelain veneers

Composite bonding works well for small imperfections; porcelain veneers can be used for larger gaps, crooked or badly chipped teeth, alongside stains that refuse to go, even after the whitening process, as is the case with certain medications. Veneers cannot cover for missing teeth and require a minimum of two visits, for completion.


Implants are the ultimate makeover and cover missing teeth and any other problem. The three-step procedure has implant insertion, waiting for the jawbone to heal and finally, the dentist fixes the new tooth attachment. The process ensures there are no requirements of dentures and other semi-permanent solutions for the best smile.

A visit to the dentist with proper procedure planning is crucial for the best smile makeover in India and at other locations.

What You Should Expect From A Good Dentist In Mumbai?

It is not always easy to find the best dentists available in the area. The dentists not only have to be competent and be proficient and knowledgeable with the right procedures and also the infrastructure to support the treatments. However, what is the most important factor for a dentist is building rapport with his or her customers. If given a choice, a patient is likely to choose someone skilled, warm and professional rather than someone who is just skilled at what they do. 

One of the most important features of any good doctor, whether a dentist or otherwise, is listening keenly to the patient to understand their complaints and problems before moving forward. The right dentist in Mumbai should give ample time to hear out the patient makes them feel valued and this is important as the doctor has to take into consideration all the factors before opting for a treatment plan.

Meeting patients’ requirements

The key behaviors to notice will be how caring and warm the dentist is and if he or she made you feel comfortable, offering personalized attention, creating customized treatment plans, and providing exhaustive details about the chosen treatment plan so that the patient is aware of the benefits and the drawbacks for the same.

Patients can decide about the treatment plan

It is important to be allowed to choose your treatment plan, as per the budget and the processes involved. All dental tests are done offering a few methods to overcome the problem that you can decide. The dentists will provide detailed explanations as to why the chosen methods will be the best option for the customers. 

Clear communications

This is the most important factor that makes a good doctor a great one. It may that the doctor is great and competent, however, if the communication is restricted to just the bare necessities, it is likely the patient will not be reassured about the upcoming treatment plans, proposed by him or her. 

Dentists have to work to create a warm and friendly environment, where the patient feels reassured by their knowledge, skills and also can have good communication, discussion about the various treatment options and the chosen treatment plan.

Therefore, when you are looking for a good dentist in Mumbai, it is crucial to evaluate their performance not just on their level of skills as one, but also how warm and comfortable the appointment was and if realistic and feasible treatment plans were advised will show results over time. 


5 Reasons To Visit A Dentist Every Six Months

Visiting dentists can be harrowing for many people as they are afraid; many children and adults alike fear to visit the dentist and postpone the appointment until the situation is really bad, ensuring that the visit is a painful one to remember.

This is one of the main reasons why visiting the best dentist in Mumbai should not be reserved for years. Rather, it should be done every six months to ensure that your oral hygiene is on par with the normal standards and any procedure or cleaning should be considered regularly to avoid bigger dental problems at a later stage. Maintenance is the key to good oral hygiene and with frequent dental checkups, you can be sure that your teeth are getting the care that they deserve.

Why you should visit the dentist every six months?

Visiting the dentist every six months can prevent a host of problems. Some of them are briefly discussed below.

Plaque build-up

Plaque build-up is dangerous can be seen sticking around the gums and teeth. This white, sticky substance is full of harmful bacteria that promote tooth decay, discoloration, and gum problems and can get aggravated easily.

Tooth decay

This is one of the most common reasons why people visit dentists. Tooth decay should be checked when it is in the early stages as it is easy to fix. As it gets worse, the problems become bigger and often cannot be handled without escalating. Escalated tooth decay problems may require a root canal, crown and the worst is when the tooth has to be pulled out.


Visiting the dentist frequently is a better option than having to pay high amounts to get procedures to fix something that could have been handled earlier with some care and in a cost-effective manner.


Regular checkups lead to white, bright and fresh-looking teeth that can boost your confidence and self-esteem with every smile. 

Great smile

When you have good teeth, you tend to smile more and this can have an impact on your professional and social life. People who smile are often considered more approachable and friendlier. 

What can you expect?

The visit can cover various aspects, which are pertinent for your case, and also the regular checkups that are performed on all patients.

  • Updating and reviewing the dental record
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Check for infections and cavities
  • Routine X-rays are common and do not harm the patient
  • Dentures, implants, night guard and root canals can be common during intermittent visits. 
  • Cleaning (oral prophylaxis) followed by teeth polishing, and general instructions for healthy teeth maintenance

Therefore, if you are one of those people who likes to postpone a dentist appointment due to fear and discomfort, it is prudent to re-evaluate that stance and start visiting the best dentist in Mumbai. It will ensure that you have the best oral health and hygiene that you require.