Dental bridges vs dental implants in mumbai india


Losing teeth can have a huge impact on your smile’s beauty while also causing problems with functionality. It can also make you feel insecure. Dental implants and dental bridges are two of the most prevalent options used by dental specialists to solve these issues.


Difference between these two processes?

Dental implant:

A tooth’s underlying anatomy is more complex than most people realize. When this component, which consists of bone, ligaments, and nerves, is destroyed, the surrounding area gradually deteriorates.

A dental implant is a metal post. A dental implant is made of titanium. It replaces the natural root . The new bone should form around the implanted metal over the course of a few months. Once your dentist has confirmed that the new structure is secure, a crown will be screwed on top of the implant and sealed in place. Teeth implant cost in Mumbai is roughly starts at Rs20,000.

Pros of dental implants:
  • Can last 15 years or longer and are the longest-lasting alternative on the market
  • maintain a natural-looking appearance longer than bridges
Cons of dental implants:
  • Insurance coverage is less likely, and the process can take up to3- 6 months,
  • The upfront cost is high

Dental Bridge:

Artificial teeth are kept in position by the teeth on each side of a missing tooth with dental bridges. They’re commonly constructed of porcelain or zirconium to match the colour of your real teeth. They can be used to replace one or more lost teeth.

Pros of dental bridges:
  • The upfront cost is less expensive than dental implants and
  • The missing tooth is replaced in as less than a week compare to dental implants where the waiting period can be upto 6 months
Cons of dental bridges:
  • Every 5 to 7 years, it must be replaced (although can last more than 10 years)
  • The dental bridge involves grinding down of natural healthy teeth to support the missing tooth.


Tooth bridge cost:

Tooth bridge cost in Mumbai is influenced by a number of factors, including:

Dental bridge’s materials, therapy difficulty Level of the treatment location of the dental clinic, any past issues, like as periodontal disease, are treated.

Best dentist for implant:

You can visit Mumbai for the best dental care in India. There are many renowned dentists. They provide their patients with quick and dependable dental health care.

Top dentist in Mumbai offers a comprehensive variety of dental services, including basic diagnostic, standard dental operations, and complete mouth rehabilitation. Here, you will get the best dentist for implant also. Best dentist in Mumbai, offers the most up-to-date technological facilities for dental treatments such as Dental Implants in Mumbai, Single-Siting Root Canal Therapy, Laser Teeth Whitening, Cosmetic Dentistry, Smile Makeovers with Porcelain Veneers, and more.

Bandra is a place where every patient receives high-quality, individualized dental treatments and advice delivered with great care and compassion. So, you can also get a high-quality treatment from Dentist Bandra. So, if you’re looking for the best Dentists in Mumbai you can visit Bandra.

Choosing the Best Option (bottom line):


The most important thing you can do to ensure you get the best treatment for your lost tooth is to discuss your choices with your dentist. Your professional dentist may thoroughly analyze all of the details of your circumstance in order to provide the best advice for you.

Your dentist will want to recommend the best option for you, one that is as gentle as possible while yet lasting for years.

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