Importance of replacing missing teeth

Why replace the missing teeth?

When it comes to losing teeth, you need to consider many factors in which age is the main criteria. A person can lose their teeth at any age because of accidents, sports injuries, trauma to the mouth, periodontal disease, & others. However, there is a difference between losing teeth as a child and after crossing ten years of your age. A child would have milk teeth as the new tooth would grow in its place when it loses that tooth. Once you get a permanent set, you won’t get a natural tooth replacement when you lose one or more teeth.  That’s where the tooth implantation arises.

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Dental Implants are the gold standard for replacement of missing teeth. If cost is your concern, the total implant cost in India starts at Rs 20,000, depending on the number of teeth replacements.

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The total teeth replacement cost in Mumbai would depend on the replacement of two or more teeth.

Both of them come to you with EMI

However, you need to select the best dentist in Mumbai in both cases as you would end up losing your teeth & money even because of the slight mistake from the dentists’ side.

Why is it critical to replace the missing teeth?

The loss of teeth would make you feel uncomfortable when you open your mouth. A gap in your teeth not only makes you lose elegance but also harms your dental health. Hence, you need the best dental implants in Mumbai to replace missing teeth. An implants dentist is the best persons to suggest you whether to opt for single tooth implant , partial mouth dental implants  or full mouth dental implant after the complete checkup. Teeth are one of the most precious parts of the body that helps in some of the following ways besides communicating with others.

  1. Influences the digestive system: The teeth help the person to chew, tear, bite, & grind the food in their mouth. Loss of teeth would reduce the mouth’s ability to do it effectively. Also, a person would be unable to have a healthy & nutritional diet. Hence, dental implants would substitute the missing teeth so the person wouldn’t have to compromise with their favorite dish.
  2. Speaking: The teeth would also help in effective communication. The young child would learn to speak clearly & effectively on getting their milk teeth. When a person loses one or more teeth, it would be hard for them to speak, which results in extreme frustration. In such cases, replacement of missing teeth with dental implants would restore the person’s speaking ability.
  3. It helps maintain your looks: According to the research, a back tooth would be as important as the front tooth as it can cause your mouth to shift and make your face look old. The missing teeth can also deteriorate your bones and muscles and make them droop over time. The teeth replacement would keep all other teeth in place and keeps your mouth healthy, thereby maintaining your face.
Conclusion: It’s important to replace missing teeth. And Dental Implants are the best options for replacement of missing teeth.

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Copyright 2020-2021 Aesthetic Smiles Dental Clinic- Mumbai.. All rights reserved. By Ease2web